Time just flies by here in New Jersey

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So I was woken up at 5.15am to the phone ringing in the distance, I could barely manage to hear the message, but gathered it was the school, it was either a delayed start or a snow day. Well after running around the house freezing cold I still could not make out the message on the answer phone… so I crept back into bed and looked at the website on my phone… Another snow day… well that would have been great if I could have got back to sleep, but it just was not happening this morning!

Blu has been in the basement all day playing xbox live with his friends, Mabel has been in her room, on her newly discovered laptop, Farrel and Jordan, well I’m not really sure what they have been up to in their room and Paul has taken over my desk and is working in the front living room… What shall I do?

So I have decided to backup all my photo’s on the kodakgallery website to our time capsule… very time consuming, but I am sure it will be worthwhile in the end!

Two years ago, when we moved out of our house in Madison, Paul ran a program that was meant to backup all the photo’s from my laptop to our time capsule, thus allowing us to delete the photo’s on my laptop, giving me the much needed space on my laptop to put more photo’s… Well here is what happened, the program ran over night, I cannot remember the exact number of photo’s to be backed up, but it was something like 10,000… so the next day with photo’s safely put onto the time capsule, or so we thought, Paul hit the ‘empty trash button’ and within a couple of minutes all my beloved photo’s were gone, some of them forever, so we were to discover later!

Now two years later, I have discovered that all the photo’s that I have been lovingly sharing with my family and friends since we have lived here in New Jersey can be saved to iphoto and then put onto the time capsule, I am very happy… now all I have to do is save each one, but what a trip down memory lane…

Blu was 7, Mabel was 5 and Farrel was 12 when we moved over here, oh how you forget how different they looked, all the new and exciting times we had… it was scary and mad all at the same time. Snow was the biggest thing, we arrived in the January of 2007 and then it started to snow, it had been a long time since we had seen snow like this in England, and for the children, I don’t think they had ever seen snow like this in their whole lives, they loved it… Farrel did not even know how to build a snow man, wow it was just so funny watching Dominic teach him how to roll the snow into a ball!

We had our first memorial day, July 4th and joined the Madison pool, all within a few months of spring arriving… it was like a long holiday for all of us that did not have to go to work anyway. We had a lot of visitors from back home and we partied the summer and fall away. Halloween was a new experience, nothing like at home, all the houses and costumes were amazing and then came Thanksgiving… we were invited to a friends house to celebrate American style and we have carried on the tradition ever since… The first year we lived in Madison was amazing, with new friends made along the way… Thank you to everyone who helped make us feel like we were at home right there in Madison!


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