After 5 years in NJ, we have a snow blower

Friday, November 11, 2011


It’s Veterans Day here in the USA, Poppy/Remembrance Day back in the UK and my Brothers Birthday here in our family… So this is the 2nd day of my trio of Birthdays… Happy Birthday Kevin!


So as it is veterans day here, everyone has the day off… By everyone I mean the people who’s alarms affect me in the mornings, so Farrel, Blu, Mabel and Paul… I am loving this 4 day weekend!


After a very lazy morning in bed, coffee, warm Cinnabons, more coffee and my iPad, it’s time to get up… Costco is calling my name… Mistake, with a capital M, not only is it busy, busy, busy but we spend far more than the $100 or so that I had planned!  What is it about Costco, you go in for a couple of things, meat and school snacks and leave with a $700 snow blower and new leather UGG style boots plus the things you went in for!


After struggling to put the snow blower into the back of my minivan, then thinking… Oh no where is the stroller going to go now, we get home to think about dinner and finally enjoy what is left of my lazy afternoon I had planned!  Snow blower put into the garage, food taken out the car and put away, finally dinner is underway… It’s Taco night in our house without the shredded lettuce and chopped tomatoes, something I did forget in Costco, because we were so focused on the snowblower and then the brown leather boots… Of course they were much more important than any food I may have needed… Hey ho, it’s just lettuce and tomato at the end of the day, who will miss it anyway… Mabel that is who and she did not stop going on about the lack of lettuce in her Taco’s!


Paul made a good start on dinner, then half way through, he said he was bored and I finished it all off… Taco night is a great favorite in our house, so tonight everyone in the house decided to eat… Taco seasoned ground beef, rice, salsa, chopped red onion, grated cheese, tortilla chips and warmed taco shells!


I have not been having the best of nights sleep with Florence lately, so by 9pm I was feeling very tired and so was Florence, so we headed off to bed to nurse and watch some Television, well that was the plan, as I think I closed my eyes as the program started and opened them a couple of hours later, I was joined by Florrie, Mabel and Blu, I think all 4 of us were exhausted, Blu from his day of playing his new Xbox game, and Mabel from watching Malcolm in the middle all day!


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