Back to Baking…

Friday, October 28, 2011

lunch in Homers

Well this weeks blogging has been a wash out, I’ve been busy, busy, busy, but really I have no idea what I have done… Not only that but I wrote a blog for the week yesterday on my iPad, then somehow deleted it, and I just can’t figure out how to undo it… So here goes, for the second time a recap for the week…


Monday was a nice relaxing day, I had to take Dom to the train station for college again, so we drove into Madison, I dropped him off around 11am, then headed to a friends house for coffee, which then turned into a delicious lunch.  Florrie slept through most of the time we were there, so we managed to have a really good chat, which is always a great start to any week.


Paul worked from home on Tuesday, so I headed off to Newton so he could have peace and quiet.  We had bought Lewis some new shoes over the weekend, a belated birthday present and they were just slightly too big, so I needed to take them back for a smaller size… Of course they did not have his size, but they had it in some similar ones, so I emailed him a photo and waited to see if he wanted these ones… So I waited, and waited wandering around and around the store, he never got back to me, so I left the store with some very cute Born distressed boots for myself… The temptation had just been too much, and they were such a bargain… They had retailed at $250, Marshall’s were selling them for $150, but then they had been reduced to $99… Cha Ching, it would have been rude not to have bought them… And I just love them!


Today was Mabel’s day to get a feather put in her hair, afterwards we headed to the dentist… Good and bad news for Blu and Mabel… No cavities, yay, that is a first for us, but it does look like Blu will need braces due to overcrowding … Do they give you a second mortgage for dental work?

waiting in the Dentist office


Wednesday was my back to baking day… When I was in my teens I used to bake all the time, but then over the years as my family grew I taught myself to cook and I baked less and less… So now it was time to get back to it… And Blu loves the idea. Time to make some muffins, in the past when I have made them they have looked like pancakes in paper cases, but thanks to Food Network I have discovered what I was doing wrong… I was over beating the batter with my electric mixer, by all accounts the lumpier the batter the better, so very little stirring is required!  Well thanks to Nigella Lawson my chocolate chip muffins looked good, although Farrel did not agree as he has been cooking at school and my pointy topped muffins meant that Mabel had slightly over stirred them… Still they tasted good and disappeared off the table very quickly.


Have you noticed how expensive frozen/fresh pastry from the chiller cabinet pastry has become over the last few months… I just don’t understand why this is, it is just flour, butter and water… So why oh why was I buying it?  Maybe I was just lazy or maybe I just cannot make flakey pastry, well whatever it was, the Barefoot Contessa had the answer and it worked… 1 cup of all purpose Flour, 1 stick of butter cubed and pulsed 10 times exactly in the food processor, then add, very slowly ice cold water until it forms a ball, cover in cling wrap and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes… Roll out and bake… Perfect, yummy buttery flakey pastry for my pot pie… Now I’m ready to try it on good old sausage rolls!


Thursday was my food shopping day… Ooooh my favorite thing to do… NOT! My first stop of the day was a return… Not food related, so for my one return to the Gap, I purchased 3 items in the mall… Way to go Karen, that was really trying hard not to buy, buy, buy!  Onto Costco for some food then home to unwind and relax!


The big event in Sparta this week was happening Friday, Paul and I made sure we were there for it… After brunching in Homers, a country style diner, we headed on over to the Grand Opening of… Wait for it… Stop and Shop… Yes the whole town was there to celebrate, finally Sparta had a decent grocery store…yay!

Stop and Shop opens… yay!


The events of the evening do not happen very often in our house, so read very carefully, to make sure you don’t miss a word, because they will not be repeated ever again… Tonight I sat at the kitchen island with my glass of red wine… Yummy, and Paul, yes I did say Paul cooked dinner, not only did he cook dinner, but he baked a banana bread, I supervised very closely, but he did everything… It was delicious and I just loved the rest, this very tired Mommy appreciated every moment of her husband cooking dinner!


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