Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Today is Bunco day… A friend is having a Bunco night, originally I had said I could not go as Paul’s snow day soccer game was rescheduled for this evening, but Eileen said I could bring along Florrie and everything has worked out well, Dom is coming into Madison from college so that means I have a driver… Yay, I can have a glass of wine or two!


I feel very, very tired today so I’m not up to much, laundry and that’s about it, apart from getting ready for Bunco!


What is Bunco I hear you all ask? Well it’s a dice game played by 12 people in 3 groups! Ours was Mexican Bunco so there was lots of delicious mexican food and margaritas… Dom arrived half way through and became my babysitter for the night, it all worked out well apart from I was one win away from winning a bottle of skinny girl margarita mix…. Noooo!  It was a fun evening with a really great group of girls!


What’s for dinner in your house tonight?

I put some boneless pork ribs into my slow cooker with some paprika, chili flakes, oregano, salt and pepper… Added about 2 cups  of chicken broth and cooked on high for 4 hours… When it was cooked I shredded it and Paul added BBQ sauce, warmed  through and served with nice warm rolls… Pulled pork sandwiches… Yummy!


I got home around midnight, Florrie was fast asleep in her car seat, I ummmed and argh’d about changing her diaper and nursing her… In the end I decided a clean diaper and food might help her sleep through… It worked… Yay, she slept through til 7.40am, this was so nice for this very tired mommy and a very welcome change from the past weeks… Yay for Florence!


I wrote this blog several weeks ago now… so a little side note to the coming blogs in the next couple of days… today was my friend Lisa’s Birthday, I got very confused this year as I have 3 birthdays all together, I totally forgot the date and sent her the e card on saturday… my brain is usually fried, but this year it is worse than normal as the lack of sleep is slowly getting worse and worse and so my usual working brain cells, and there are not many working cells left, they are really begining to give up and go to sleep… so with this in mind, I want to say a big I’m sorry to my very kind and dear friend… Happy Birthday GIRLFRIEND! x


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