Dressing up for lunch!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Well I woke again to my alarm, I had lost count how many times I was awake with Florence during the night… I stumbled into Mabel’s room, mumbled to her, then crawled back into bed for 5 more minutes sleep… Thankfully I had hit snooze and my alarm sounded again, otherwise Mabel would never have made the bus as she had tucked back under her covers and was deep in sleep again… Zzzzzz!


For the first time in a while, Florence and I had a lunch date to get ready for, so my morning was spent getting ready and organizing Florrie!  As usual, all my get out early plans had disappeared, I had tried letting Florrie cry herself to sleep, whilst I got us ready, but I decided, no way is she ready for this, as 2 hours later she was definitely not asleep, so a quick nurse, and I had left myself with 10 minutes to get something nice to take with us!


Within 2 minutes of being in the car a very tired Florence was sleeping… I had two options, 1 – stop and shop, grab the car seat and run in, or 2 – try this cute looking store on the way to Mabel’s school if I could park outside I could run in with the car in view, pay and be on my way… Well the second option was the best as it turned out… The lady who owned the store was outside by the cars when I frantically got out my car, she took one look at my stressed face and asked if she could help even before I reached the store, I explained about lunch and Florrie asleep in the car… She had just the answer, stay in the car, she would wrap some chocolate chip cookies, a perfect addition for lunches, and bring them out to me… Thank you, thank you, thank you… She absolutely made my day, I stayed in the car with Florence and got delicious cookies to take to lunch!


Now we were on schedule and on our way to Montclair for a delicious lunch with wonderful friends… Lunch was perfect, thank you Lindsey! We drank coffee, ate a very yummy selection of salmon, shrimp and many different salads all followed by fresh fruit, scrumptious cup cakes and of course my Hampton homemade cookies… With great conversation and a little baby girl who was just happy to sit around watch and listen for a few hours… It worked out perfectly!


By the time we arrived home, so had Farrel, Blu and Mabel… Let the weekend begin, and chaos reign once more… Time for a Friday afternoon glass of wine!



What’s for dinner in your house?

Ours was aged cheddar cheese dusted with cinnamon accompanied by rosemary and raisin crackers all from Trader Joes… Gotta love Trader Joes 🙂



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