Monday, May 9, 2011

So it has been a whirlwind two weeks… We began with Easter, which started with more teenage problems and then followed by a few calmer days on the new jersey shore…

In our house Easter usually starts on Good Friday with hot cross buns, but not this year, I just didn’t make it to stop and shop to get our hot easter buns this year, I did manage to decorate a little bit, our table looked very Easterish, if that is even a word!

Saturday was a whirlwind of a day, we spent most of it lazing around as the weather was gray and horrible.   At about 3.30pm we finally got dressed and headed out to look at new cars, we pulled into the Toyota garage and 2 hours later we drove home in our brand new minivan… Now that is my kind of car shopping… Done, and checked off my list of things to do before our new daughter arrives!

Easter Sunday morning is always a time to hunt for those eggs, Blu and Mabel really love this, but this year as we were heading out on an Easter road trip, it was a very short and sweet hunt around the house, it didn’t matter to them, as long as chocolate was involved, they were happy!

By mid afternoon we were in Neptune NJ, after a very quiet car journey… Oh how I am loving those DVD players in our new car, why didn’t we get them years ago!  The hotel was quiet, clean and a 10 minute car ride to asbury park, so after a quick dip in the hotel pool we headed to the beach!  But by this time the clouds had rolled in and the wind was blowing, so it was a very quick walk along the boardwalk and then back to the hotel to find somewhere to eat!

Well pregnancy brain had definitely kicked in… Monday was a planned trip to Six Flags theme Park… Duh, it would have been a good idea to check it was actually open and not just assume it was?  It was the one and only time I was semi organized, buy one get one free tickets, 30 minutes from the hotel and the weather forecast was good!  So what to do now… We started our morning with a long swim in the pool, just as good as Six Flags, if not better, well definitely a lot cheaper!  Then off to the local outlet mall for a quick shopping trip, well it would have been if Paul and I had not found the Lucky store, oh how we both love that store… But our 3 very bored children really did not!

After that we headed to Point Pleasant boardwalk, this time Paul and I were not so happy, but Blu and Mabel had a blast… Lots of arcade games and very blue and pink cotton candy to keep them high for the rest of the day!

The beautiful victorian town on the Jersey Shore

On Tuesday, when we left our hotel we headed to the very beautiful Victorian seaside town of Ocean Grove… The sun was shining but it was so windy along the boardwalk, so we headed into town and this is where this new season began for me… The tree lined road was full of beautiful blooms, stores were starting to put out their flowers for sale and people were dining outside… Finally Spring had arrived to New Jersey, after a very long winter, it is time to enjoy the beautiful weather and greenery that is New Jersey at this time of the year!

Happy, happy Spring to everyone! XXX XXX


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