Flight Champions… once again!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

so the weekend is over and oh so fast it seemed…


What we did this weekend… It was our last weekend of Fall soccer, I always have very mixed feelings about the end of a soccer season, yay our weekends are ours again, and believe me we have a list of house chores to get done this winter, so more time at the weekend is a definite plus, but I always have a tinge of sadness as the soccer ends, these teams of boys and girls have formed a real bond maybe they have made some great friendships, the parents have a good excuse to socialize and win or lose the children learn a valuable life lesson about being in a team and  working together… So with that in mind, I had a very emotional time this weekend.


Saturday was yet another full day of soccer, we had to be in Madison for 10am, Mabel’s practice had been moved forward as they had a game in the evening… Once again we arrived late… Really who wants to be out so early on a Saturday… Anyway, try as hard as I can, but Blu and Mabel are just not very organized and they are always running round looking for something at the last minute.  This week was no different from any other, shirts, socks, under armor, you name it and they were trying to find it as we walked out the door!


Practice over we headed to Florham Park, me to Trader Joes… Gotta love Trader Joes, and Paul to Citibank, then all of us for lunch in Nonna’s before we headed eastward to Clifton for Paul’s final soccer game of the Fall!  What an exciting game it was too, both teams were very determined to win and be crowned flight champions, I took my camera but I was so hooked on watching the game I hardly took any photos… Not like me at all!  After being down 2 goals we came up to win the game 2-4 and be Flight 3 champions… Yay, way to go Madison Predators!


Paul then took Mabel to her 6pm game in Summit and I headed home to pick Dominic up from work and then get the dinner started… Jamie Oliver cheddar and Ale fondue!


Sunday started off more restful then ended up the same as every other game day… Rush, rush, rush to get to the field on time… This time all our rushing paid off we were one of the first to arrive from our team… Mabel and Paul ran down to the field whilst my mum, Florrie  and I took a quick trip to Starbucks… I’ve been trying to get into Starbucks for their BOGO On holiday drinks for the last couple of days with no success, today was the last day and I was going to get my free holiday drink, that was for sure!  Coffee in hand we watched a very exciting Madison Bullets game, very quickly we were 2-0 down… Noooooo, then magic Mabel scored two goals and it was a tie… Then in the second half we got two more goals… Yay Bullets… We won 4-2… A nice end to the fall season!  All this excitement was followed by an end of season pizza party for Mabel and her family were included… Paul was happy lots of beer and Mabel was very happy lots of pizza and cake!  A good time was had by all!


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