All about me…

This is my new website.. I don’t really know what I am doing, but I thought it would be a good idea, I am hoping to add blogs (again not really sure how to do this), photo’s and more! I love to keep in touch with everyone at home and away, and sometimes I just do not have enough time… so here goes…

So Just a little bit about me and my growing family to start this all off!


I have been married to my wonderful husband for 25 years this coming May, he has not always been so wonderful through our journey over the past years, he has had his moments, both good and bad, but through it all, we have a wonderful family and life together.


It all started in 1985, when I was just 18 and Paul, my husband was 20, we met at work and flirted for quite a few months before he plucked up the courage to ask me out… a river boat shuffle and fish and chip supper and I was hooked!

After just a few months I discovered I was pregnant, Paul did not seem to mind and I was happy, so a few months later, just before my 19th Birthday, in May 1986 we got married… we were both so very young but so very, very in Love… and so the story begins…


25 years later and we have 6 wonderful children, and for some reason, history has repeated itself, you think we would have learned the lesson from our younger selves but oh no… here we are having our 7th child, I am 43 and Paul is 45, and after the initial shock we are so happy to welcome another tiny person into our lives!


We have 5 sons and at the moment 1 daughter, soon to be 2, as we are expecting another girl! My eldest son Dominic is 24, Lewis is 22, Jordan is 20, Farrel is a very moody 16 year old, then we have Blu 11 and Mabel 9… a very busy and full house!


We were all born in England, I was born in London, Paul was born in Coventry, all of my children were born in Ascot, Berkshire except Jordan who was born in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire. We briefly lived in Aylesbury for 18 months, but all of our married life we lived in Berkshire, until 2006 when Paul got a job in the USA, he moved over here in the November and we followed him in January 2007… we lived in an old victorian house in A beautiful town near New York City, we met a lot of new friends, we loved it, but in 2009 our rented house went up for sale and we had to move quickly, there was nothing we wanted to buy where we were at that time so we thought we would try a new town. We found a house about 35 minutes north, we loved it, so we moved on a very snowy January and have lived here ever since!


Our plan is to move back to that beautiful town soon, we love it there and we have made, some fabulous friends who have been so supportive… so fingers crossed that will happen for us in the next year!


Finally just a little bit about me… I have been a mother and wife for 25 years now, in that time I have worked part time in several places. For 9 years I worked as a receptionist in a local countryside center, I loved my job and the people, but after the birth of my 5th son I decided to give up work and concentrate on being with my family. After my daughter arrived I went to work part time for Laura Ashley as a sales advisor… I loved every aspect of my job and was very sad to leave when we moved over here! After living here for 4 years and not working I am ready to do something… I love reading, writing and since moving here, I have begun a very serious interest in photography, I love all crafts and design including creating a warm and loving home, so for now I have decided to start this blog and include all of my interests, but in the future I would like to study photography more seriously… so watch this space!


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