Is it really Christmas already?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Parade in Madison

With everything that’s been going on in the last few weeks, my Mom visiting, Paul’s trip back to London, thanksgiving and now Christmas is here already, I really have not been blogging… And I’ve felt so bad, it has made me realize how important these daily rants have become in my life!


So here’s a brief recap on the last few weeks, my Mom arrived, yay… I was late to the airport picking her up, I took a wrong turn and ended up on my way to New York, my poor Mom was standing with her luggage and a coffee looking lost when I arrived!


Thanksgiving came and went, it was a quiet day with food, food and more food… Followed by the Christmas parade in Madison on Black Friday and brand new Blue UGG boots for Mabel from Suburban shoes!


Paul went to London on the Sunday and we had a restful week… Well as restful as a week can be with 6 children a baby and absolutely no sleep!  Florence decided no more sleeping nicely in her own bed, she started waking all night so I decided it was time to put her into her crib and let her cry it out… Well after 3 weeks of listening to her cry I gave up… This little girl was not giving up and this very tired Mommy could take it no more, so back into her rocker and my bed she went… I know, it’s not good but I needed some sleep!  I am getting ready to try again as I can’t co-sleep again for 5 years, so we will see how it goes over Christmas!


Paul arrived home after a flying visit to England, my Mom and I lunched and coffee’d ( if that’s even a word) every day… We went to Homers, the Olive Garden, the Chatterbox and so on, on the Friday before she flew home we went into Rockaway Mall for some Christmas shopping for her to take back… Family and friend gifts! We shopped so much we had to pay for an extra case to fit it all into, still all of my presents are back now for everyone!


Saturday, the day my mom flew home we went into Madison for the soccer award presentation then we had a pizza party in Romanelli’s, it was then time to head to the airport for a very tearful farewell, oh how I hate that part of living over here so much!


Sunday we had friends over for dinner… I rushed around cleaning and tidying then headed into Newton for art stuff, I had promised Mabel, her and Morgan could paint all afternoon… All in all the afternoon/evening was calm and relaxing… Great company with great friends!


Paul had last week off from work, so he did some chores around the house and we tried to get some Christmas shopping done for our own children… We have ummmed and argh’d about buying Blu and Mabel iPads this year, but finally we decided with the new ones due out in march we did not want to spend the money, when we could get ipad 3 very soon… So with this in mind, Blu wanted xbox stuff and Mabel, surprise, surprise, she wanted clothes… This worked out well because Abercrombie started 40% off the whole store this week!  It gets harder as your children get older to know what to get them, Farrel had his new iPhone for his joint birthday and Christmas present, so he was done apart from some stocking stuffers, then it was/is what to get for three boys in their 20’s who are working and buy throughout the year for themselves… The obvious for Dom was a car, but really that isn’t happening… So what do you get them?


So that was the last month in a nutshell, as they say… Not the most exciting 4 weeks but definitely the most tiring weeks I’ve had for a while… Florence has definitely changed the dynamics of our family now, we all absolutely adore her, but I just wish she would sleep more independantly… Still as Paul says this time will be gone before we know it and we should make the most of each precious moment… She was 7 months old yesterday… Where has that time gone to?


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