It’s all about the food we eat!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

hot chocolate Starbucks style

Ok… This weekend blog is going to be all about the food we eat… Yummy!  It’s been a full weekend of soccer, not so much soccer and food!

Saturday morning, hot Tazo awake tea, decaf hazelnut coffee with baileys chocolate creamer (no alcohol) and freshly baked (I did cheat and bought pre-prepared dough from the chiller cabinet) Cinnabon rolls!

We arrived in Madison with 10 minutes to spare until Mabel’s soccer practise, unheard of for us… Yay we were early for once on a Saturday morning, we get to the field… An empty field, not one person in sight!  For once it was not me who had got the time and place wrong… Of course Paul blamed it on his new iPhone… We were meant to be in Hacketstown for a game in 50 minutes time… Well with no uniform, a 40 minute drive away we decided to give Mabel’s game a miss… So we headed off to get Farrels hair cut and to grab some lunch in Nonnas, an Italian pizzeria!

What we ate in Nonna’s, well I did promise you a blog about food… Farrel and Blu ordered 4 slices of cheese pizza, 1 for Blu and 3, yes 3 for Faz, I shared buffalo hot wings with Mabel, the buffalo on the side, nursing Florence remember and Paul ordered a sausage, pepper and onion sub… All very yummy and gone from our plates very quickly!

A quick stop in Starbucks, remember I said we had an addiction to Starbucks… A rather delicious Eggnog (skinny) latte for me and an awake tea for Paul… Then on to Kinnelon for Blu’s game… A win, yay!


Back at home, dinner was one of my favorites… Fondue… Yummy, scrummy cheesy fondue, more cheese, Manchego with crackers and BBQ ribs… Not so healthy, but delicious! I was good and did dip some veggies into the fondue!  After all that scrummy cheese we had strawberries with cream (the fat free kind… Honestly) and chocolate chip muffins!

Sunday was another chilly start to the day, so more hot tea and coffee to start followed by more Cinnabons and healthy watermelon slices!  We had a kind of relaxing 2 hours before we had to hit another soccer field again with Blu… This time we were in Butler, a 30 car ride from our house!  It was lunch time so we stopped on the way in Dunkin D’s for a very unappetizing breakfast bagel or two and a donut… Bad idea… I think it must have been the worst Dunkin’s in the world!

It was a beautiful sunny November afternoon of soccer, after nursing Florence to sleep in the car, the game started and continued to be very exciting with a 2-6 win for the Madison predators… Then it was time to head home to start the dinner and enjoy a nice glass of wine, for some of us anyway!  Paul had to head over to Madison with Mabel for her 6.30pm game… Cold and tired they got home at 8.20pm… Yes it was very late for a school night, but it was a make up game from the snow last Sunday!

What’s for dinner in your house on a Sunday?

Ours was white turkey chili… Fast becoming my favorite type of chili these days!

I vary my veggies according to nursing and what’s in… So this week I sautéed 1 zucchini, cubed, with similar sized pieces of butternut squash (1/4) and 2 sticks of celery… I used my new rice cooker again and set the smart steam to 28 minutes.  Once the veggies were softened I added 1 pack of minced turkey and browned… To the pot I added 2 tablespoons of cumin, 2 teaspoons of dried coriander, 1 teaspoon of chili flakes, salt, pepper, 1 teaspoon of dried oregano, 2 bay leaves, 2 cups of chicken broth and one can of beans ( I used cannellini beans)… I closed the lid and cooked it for a total of 50 minutes… It was delicious served with sour cream, rice and wholegrain biscuits/scones, homemade from scratch… Really!

More wine, an hour of quiet with my younger children asleep, then time for bed… I was exhausted and we had, had one extra hour sleep this weekend… More dark evenings on their way… How many days until its spring again?


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