Lazing around makes you so tired!

, November 7, 2011

Finally I got Florence back into bed for the 3rd time at 5.00am, I crawled under the covers and fell into a deep sleep only to be woken at 6.15am by my alarm… Really, was it time to get up already?  I walked just like a zombie into Farrels room to make sure he was awake, then into Mabel’s  to tell her she had 10 more minutes sleeping time, then once again climbed back into my own bed and closed my eyes, in what seemed like seconds rather than minutes my snooze alarm was going off again… This time I really had to get out of bed and get Mabel up… 25 minutes later, Blu’s lunch packed and ready to go, Mabel up, dressed, snack in hand and Farrel already on his bus, Mabel left the house, followed by Blu getting out of bed… Time to take coffee back to bed and really wake my tired body up for the day!

With my lack of sleep in mind, I had a very lazy day… I spoke to my mum, organized and shared photos from back in September, I am so behind with my photos and it bugs me as I like them backed up, organized and shared normally as I transfer them from my camera!  The older children left the house for school, then returned between classes throughout the day, we chatted, I then booked my mums flight for next week.. Oh yes I forgot to mention how excited I am, I can’t believe my mum is coming next week… But that means we are almost half way through November already, time really is flying by at the moment!

I really needed to tidy and vacuum the bedrooms… I did make a start with my own bedroom when Florrie had a very unusual hour long nap… But of course that meant I could not vacuum, I had to wait until later when she woke up… That was my day today, very lazy which made me even more tired than usual… How crazy is that, the less you do the more tired you seem to be, I could not even be bothered to cook dinner, so I got Farrel to cook some chicken nuggets and a frozen pizza… Yum, so delicious… Not!

Finally after, eating, chatting to Paul with a glass of wine, clearing the laundry piles off my bed and into their correct places, I have climbed into bed, time to nurse Florrie off to sleep and then close my own eyes… Fingers and toes crossed for a better nights sleep… Well a girl can hope!

Inspired muffins made by my Mom
an original gas station we passed on our soccer travels

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