Man UGG’s

Monday, October 17th 2011

Ok, so I’m back to blogging and my aim is to do a daily diary of our lives, including maybe a recipe of what we are having for dinner, good or bad… Well that’s the aim lets see how it works out!

I just love to share our lives with family and friends, and being so far away has made this very important to me, the longer we are here the more I want to share with you all… Maybe it’s weird but it’s very important to me, I’m not promising exciting stuff, because mainly its very boring day to day life, but it will help me also document our lives., as time just flies by and before you know it your eldest child is 25 and your not really sure how you got here!

Having a new baby has been a revelation for this 40 something mom of 7 now… I thought I would feel tied down and restricted instead I just love every moment I spend with my little Florrie Flower, I love to see her grow and change every day… I just love nursing her and just having her cute little smile in my life, she really has added a very bright spark to our very chaotic, hectic house!

So this morning was a disaster, after waking a few times in the night to Florence, when my alarm finally went off at 6.30am, I staggered into Mabel’s room to wake her then climbed back into bed and fell back to sleep… I just woke up 5 minutes before Mabel had to catch the bus… Thankfully she was dressed and ready to leave, so I quickly grabbed some snacks for her and she was ready to start her day!  Next out of the house was Blu… Followed by a very welcome cup of coffee… Now your talking!

Today we had to be in madison for 11am, Florence had a check up at the pediatrician’s, which went very well… She had her DTW vaccination and she weighs 14 lbs 11oz, she is on the 50th percentile for her length and she is just below the 50th percentile for her weight, so all in all she is doing well!

Paul had asked me to go into the shoe store and pick up his man UGGs, I know what you are thinking ‘what an earth does Paul want with Man UGGs, but you have to realize how cold it is over here in the winter!… I was very tempted to buy myself a pair of boots, they had some very cool new boots, it took alot of willpower for me to walk away without that UGG boot box in my arms!

So doctors appointment done, man UGGs in my car, time to go to Costco then onto Target and finally home sweet home… my favorite part of the day, NOT… putting the food away, tonight I am not cooking really, so it is not so bad, just pasta and chicken nuggets for Blu and Mabel, a glass of wine for me… Then a nice early night and hopefully a good nights sleep but it’s not looking good at the moment!

So it was not a good night… Sleep at 10.30, wake at 1am, back to sleep soon after, wake at 3, wide awake until 4.30, then finally my alarm at 6.30… Time to start all over again… Have a happy Tuesday!

The Bronx, NY … sunset

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