My Mum is back… Yay!

Friday, November 18, 2011

So it’s Friday already and this weeks blogging has been a complete washout… Each time I have planned to sit down with my iPad and write, things have not gone to plan!  On Wednesday I had taken my iPad with me, thinking at the airport whilst I waited for my mum to come through I would sit and write… Oh no that did not happen, instead after lunching in Madison with a friend, I had left later than I had planned, but that was ok I was still on schedule to get their on time, then I took a wrong turn at the airport and ended up heading out of the airport and on my way into New York… Panic started to set in until I then remembered my GPS, so I pulled over right near the plane hangers and calmed down!  Once parked and actually in arrivals at terminal B, I found my poor mum waiting with her suitcases and a nice hot cup of

coffee… But of course that meant I was not going to be sitting waiting for her and writing this blog!


A very quick recap of my week if I can remember as my short term memory is so bad, well my long term memory is not that great either, but that’s another story!  Sunday was yet another soccer day, Paul was in Madison for Blu’s game… That did not go well they suffered their first defeat of the fall season, and with only one more game standing between them and being top of the flight Paul was not happy!  Mabel, Florrie and I were about an hours drive away in Washington, New Jersey… We had been to this field before for Farrel and Blu it was a nice area and I could stay in the car and watch the game whilst Florrie slept, so that worked out well, but unfortunately the game did not work out so well for the Madison Bullets, they lost and Mabel was not very happy!


Monday and Tuesday were very lazy days for me, I wanted to catch up with organizing and sharing my photos, I was so far behind with them, something I don’t like to be… My photos are a passion for me and I like them on my computer, organized, backed up and shared as I take them usually… But with Florence that is not always possible, so for two whole days I tried to catch up, any of you out there that take your camera everywhere as I do, will realize what a time consuming passion this can be, after two whole days of sorting them out I am still not finished!


Wednesday was the day my mum was coming back… Yay, but first I had a play date with a friend I hadn’t seen since Florrie was born… What a lovely morning/lunch date we had… We had so much to catch up on we just chatted away the hours whilst Florrie watched in bemusement I think!  Yesterday was another coffee morning with friends again that I had not seen since Florrie was born and today she is 6 months old so it’s been a while… Another lovely morning, it was so nice to catch up and chat… Florence acquired a few new things from my friends 3 year old daughter… A bag of Beautiful clothes and shoes, a baby walker, which she loves and much needed toys… Thank you so much Vicky for inviting us and then for all the goodies we took home with us!


On a last note… I am very excited my mum has bought me over the new Jamie Oliver cook book… I love it, so watch this space for some of his recipes on our dinner plates … I am a huge Jamie Oliver cookbook fan, so tonight I plan to do my first best of British meal… Yummy, I’m jumping for joy!


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