Lets begin…

 I would love to share with you my family, friends and life, both in the present and in the past!  


My unborn child…

I had not realized how much I had always loved taking photo’s until I started to sort all, the years of photo’s into an organized archive of our lives… see I loved taking the photo’s but not sorting and organizing them, so now 25 years on, it is a massive undertaking.  


We have decided to scan each photo into the computer and save them onto an external hard drive, I say we, but what I really mean is me, but it was my husband Paul’s idea, so he should get some of the credit here… then we will organize and file them… as I said before a huge undertaking!


Anyway to begin my blogging life, something that is very new to me… 


The photo above is my unborn child… I am 23 weeks pregnant this week and growing by the day!

The first Ultra sound photo is of my 19 week old baby… we were amazed and thrilled to see this photo in 3D… and she looks so like my last son Blu when he was born!

The second ultrasound photo is of my 11 week old baby.  In October last year I went for a procedure called a CVS, I decided to do this because of my age. This determines any chromosome defects, they insert a needle either into your cervix or uterus and take some cells from the placenta, in my case I had both the needle in my cervix and uterus… after a few days of resting up and then a few more days of waiting I finally got the phone call to tell me 46 chromosomes, exactly the number there should be and then the question was did I want to know the sex of my tiny baby… YES was the resounding cry, and then tears, a little sister for my daughter… and yes Mabel, my 9 year old daughter was very happy!


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