Soccer Madness!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Madnes Soccer s… As I like to refer to the weekends in our house, has arrived!  No alarm to wake me up, but from 6.30am when Florrie woke for her early morning feed with Mommy to 10.30am when Blu has practise in Madison, time just flies by… And this morning was no different except this weekend we have decided to stay overnight in a hotel as we have a party in Madison this evening… So this added immensely to the chaos of getting out the house!


Finally, 30 minutes late (this is really late, even for us) we arrive at Bayley Ellard Field for Blu’s soccer practise, just in time for me to drive across to the Niles Field for Mabel’s practise… Fortunately Florrie has decided to have much needed nap, I am thinking I would like to join her right about now!


What a fool I was to think that staying in a hotel over night would make for a more relaxing weekend… Of course we had to check in, make time for the pool, have a glass of wine at the managers reception, get myself and Florrie ready for the party, organize food for Blu, Mabel and Jord and finally get ourselves to our friends 50th Birthday Party… In between all of this I realized I didn’t bring any diapers for my little Florrie, just the 2 in the diaper bag, and of course… typical man,  Paul thinks that will be fine until tomorrow evening… Of course that is not going to work, so a quick trip to Stop and Shop on the way into Madison, solves our little problem!


The party was so much fun, but not for my little Florrie, she looked so scared, so we left after a while and headed back to the quiet of the hotel and hopefully a good nights sleep!


What’s for dinner in your house?

Dinner at this hotel for us was one pepperoni pizza delivered to our room for Jord, Blu and Mabel and one McDonalds to go, for Paul and I, on our way home from the party… not so delicious!


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