Spring, Spring, Spring?

Monday, April 18, 2011

The weather is just not improving, it is just cold, cold, cold… with no sign of the warmer weather appearing!


I woke up on friday morning with a sore throat and ear ache… great, that is just what I need with the aches and pains of pregnancy!  On saturday, morning I felt worse, so I let Paul take Blu to Soccer practise in Madison.  Mabel and I had a lazy saturday afternoon laying on the sofa and catching up on episodes of Vampire Diaries… perfect, then we napped, which was even more perfect!


Sunday bought a day of more soccer, Mabel had her game an hour away, so after a chilled out hour in bed with coffee and a toasted bagel I showered and dressed.  Paul’s game was a bit nearer, so he got to stay in bed for a bit longer.  Once we were dressed and ready to go, I set the GPS for Ringwood, New Jersey, grabbed a drink and headed down route 80… oh how I love away games that are barely in Morris County!


I was prepared this week for the wind, it had been blowing all the night before, so I had grabbed my big winter coat and a blanket to wrap around myself while I was sat out on the field… and I was so glad that I did, as the wind was brutal high up on a school field, somewhere in New Jersey!


At one Point of our journey I had thought that I had programmed the wrong address into our GPS, it was a wild and bendy journey through a lakeing community to find the field


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