Saturday, November 12, 2011

Today marks the end of my trio of Birthdays… My close friend Lisa has her Birthday, I sent her an e card, and later in December my mum will take her present home to her… Happy Birthday Lisa!


It was another full day of soccer games and practices… We had to be in Madison for 11am, but Paul had things to do first, so we arrived in Florham Park, a neighboring town to Madison at 10, this gave us time to get to the bank, Paul needed Referee fees, I ran into Trader Joes for the cheese fondue for Fondue Saturday and then a quick McDonalds breakfast, before I dropped Paul to Bayley Ellard for his practice session and then the big game against Butler again, this time at home!  After dropping Paul I dropped Mabel across Madison on the Niles field for her practice then headed back to watch Paul and Blu’s game!  Once back and ready to watch the game I had to nurse Florence, and then at half time head back to pick Mabel up… Confused? I definitely was!


Paul and Blu were very happy with their 4-2 win, so we headed to Florham Park again to celebrate in Starbucks… Skinny Decaf Eggnog Latte… Delicious, Grande Awake Tea, Peppermint hot chocolate, croisants and lemon pound cake… Scrummy!


Jordan has decided that one day over the weekend should be a fondue day as we all enjoyed the cheese fondue last Saturday so much… So tonight is now Fondue Saturday… Yay, it was delicious with a capital D… Wine and cheese always a good combination I find!


What’s for dinner in your house tonight?

With our cheese fondue we served quartered mushrooms and sticks of celery (the children and by children I do mean Dom and Jord as well as Blu and Mabel) popcorn chicken, cheesy chickeny tiny taco shells, buffalo chicken bites, peppered toasty croutons, tortilla strips and bite size meatballs… Fondue Saturday to be repeated in the very near future!



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