Stardom for Florence

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

After another night of Florence waking up a few times, my alarm is the last thing I want to hear… My morning routine begins, go into Mabel tell her she has 10 more minutes, go into Farrel tell him to get up, climb back into bed and wait for the 10 minute snooze, after the snooze I do it all again… This time I tell Mabel to get up and farrel that he should be up already, I head downstairs to assemble Blu’s lunch and Mabel’s snack, but first things first turn the coffee machine on… This is now my morning kettle, now we have the k-cup machine, it does hot water for tea too!


Farrel goes out for the bus, followed by Mabel five minutes later… 2 down I am just left with Blu to get up and then onto the bus… Easy peasy!  3 children all out of the house on time this morning, it is time for coffee before I have to get Florrie and I ready for my 11.45am OBGYN appointment in Watchung, a 50 minute drive away!


Dressed and nursed, Florrie and I leave the house in plenty of time… Driving along listening to Z100 on the radio and I think I am imagining what they have just said… ‘is it really going to be 70 f today, so I glance at the temperature in my car, and it is 68 f already, sunny and gorgeous blue skies… I’m so glad I didn’t wear my new UGG boots today!


We arrive to my doctors appointment in plenty of time… After checking in and being weighed, the nurse tells me she will watch Florence whilst I go pee in the cup… When I come out of the bathroom the stroller is no where to be seen, then the nurse heads round the corner, still no stroller… I am just beginning to panic when my doctor comes around another corner pushing my baby girl… He had been showing her off to everyone, once in the room, he invites his midwife in to meet Florence and I, she wants to cuddle my baby girl straight away… Who knew my annual check up would turn into stardom for Florence!


Now my Doctors new location in Watchung is very handy for lunch with a friend who lives 10 minutes away, So after 10 minutes of trying to get the GPS to locate Panera on route 22, we head off for lunch with Julie B… We arrive first and find a booth, then Julie arrives and we continue our afternoon chatting and eating… A perfect Tuesday sunny afternoon with great company… Thank you Julie!


We arrive home just in time for Paul to head off to Madison for soccer practice for Blu.  I try out my new rice steamer again with my chicken and dumplings Italian style… I think I am loving this machine more than my slow cooker… And it’s very handy when you have a fussy baby to deal with, once all the ingredients are in you just close the lid and you don’t have to watch it… It cooks everything perfectly!


What’s for dinner in your house tonight?


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