Thinking about Our New Baby Daughter!

Friday, April 15, 2011

lots fo new baby clothes

Well Tuesday marked week 34 in my pregnancy, and right now I am thinking pregnancy should only last 30 weeks… Think of us poor mothers carrying around all this extra weight, plus having to manage our houses, look after our children and organize our husbands… It is just no fun, when you can’t even bend over to put your boots on anymore, let alone cut your own toe nails!

The new crib has arrived

Last week my new baby daughter tucked inside my tummy weighed approximately 4lbs 11ozs, so my thoughts this week are, that she must be 5lbs by now, that plus all the extra blood pulsing through my veins, the amniotic fluid, and let’s not forget the placenta that is feeding her!  I ache all over, I have huge problems bending …  So when it comes to getting down to the washing machine, I have no chance, so maybe I should avoid all laundry… Ha, ha, not going to happen, I have mounds of dirty clothes building up by the hour!  Walking is becoming a problem too, so maybe no more shopping trips… Well it would save me money, something to consider, I suppose!

I had my two weekly OBGYN appointment on Tuesday too, which is always fun… Pee in this cup, stand on the scales… Wow, have I really gained that much weight!  The best part is hearing your new child’s tiny heartbeat, which was once again beating at 142 beats per minute, then yesterday I was told my c-section would be on May 17th or 18th … Not that much longer to go…yay!  Now if spring could just hurry up and arrive before my due date, I would be very happy!

Pregnancy cravings… Starbucks style!

After the visit to the doctors, I treated myself to a little shopping trip.  I love Old Navy, so I went straight there and bought my new little daughter the cutesy gray check dress, I followed that by a trip to Baby Gap, another favorite of mine, they have such cute baby clothes, but wow, they are expensive, so I headed straight to the sale rail,  and found the cutest pink pants that were greatly reduced… I really love a good bargain!  Next stop food… And an Auntie Anne’s pretzel had my name on it, and it would have been rude not to add a cheese dip to my order… Shopping done, food eaten, it was time to go home for a nap… Being 34 weeks pregnant, sure makes you tired, but I really am starting to get excited about our tiny new addition to our family… Who will she be, what will she look like and how long will it take her to sleep through the night… These questions and many more will be answered very soon, right now though I need to catch up on my sleep, so that I will be able to stay awake for all those night feeds…

Wish me luck! Xxx xxx


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