Time for a good old English Sausage Roll

Thursday, November 10, 2011

homemade sausage rolls

Happy Birthday to my friend back home, today starts a trio of birthday days for my brother and two very close friends!


No alarm this morning… Bliss!  As I said before Florrie slept until 7.40, so I even got a lay in… So why did I feel so horrible, too much sleep perhaps, my body is just not used to it!  Up and ready I decide to go to stop and shop, as the children are not at school today and tomorrow… Got to love teacher convention days… Mabel decides to come with me… Oh no I’ll end up buying all the things Mabel wants and I will not really have the stuff I need!  It turns out to be a good math lesson for Mabel!  We have self scan in our new stop and shop, so I told her we were going to spend $100 and she then scanned the food, and then deducted the amount I had spent and told me how much was left, she was a little bit worried about us going over, but I assured her that was fine!


Later in the day after making lunch… Homemade sausage rolls and putting away the shopping, Mabel, Florrie and I headed into Madison, Mabel had soccer practice and Florrie had a pediatrician appointment!  Florence is doing well, she weighs 15 lbs 15 ozs, and is 26″ long, she also had her Hib vaccine and rolled over from her front to her back… Way to go Florence!


A quick trip to Trader Joes… I just love Trader Joes, I was starving so I succumbed to milk chocolate covered butter biscuits… Mmmm, who needs English chocolate! I also bought a very yummy goats cheese log covered in cranberries, it was the sample of the day, I can’t wait to have that one night with crackers and warm bread!

I picked up Mabel from Coach Sam’s house and we headed home to a slow cooked chicken soup and Vampire Diaries on the TV all together with a nice glass of a Cabernet Sauvignon, obviously that would just be me for the wine… All followed by an early night!


What’s for lunch in your house today?

Ours was scrummy homemade sausage rolls, I made the pastry as described in previous blogs, let it chill whilst I put away my shopping then rolled it out and cut it into rectangles to fit the very English tasting sausages I have found in the freezers at stop and shop, Jones pork sausage links!  Once the sausages were wrapped I egg washed them and cooked them for 25 minutes on 375f… Next time though I need to remember I used  unsalted butter, and add some salt to the flour before pulsing in the food processor, other than that… Perfectly delicious!


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