Time to Celebrate…

Saturday, May 14th 2011

May 1986

As I prepare for the birth of our daughter next week, I have many things to celebrate this week…

We began this week with Mothers Day on Sunday, first order of the day was breakfast on our deck in the beautiful sunshine, made by my fourth son, Farrel… it was so nice to sit in the warm weather and have breakfast bought out to me… I just loved it!

Later in the day after 2 soccer games, one we won, and one we lost… dinner was made, again on the deck by a combination effort from my 3 older sons… how wonderful to see them all working together, while I sat and enjoyed the very pleasant evening! Dinner cooked and cleared away, it was time for desert, scrummy lemon cheesecake and a small glass of champagne for me… the perfect end to the perfect Mothering Sunday!

Yesterday was a very special day for Paul and I, a milestone in a marraige… Our Silver Wedding Anniversary! Twenty five years ago when I said ‘I do, I was pregnant with our first child… in that time we have had 6 children, lived in 6 houses, which were in 4 counties across 2 continents! It has been a crazy rollercoaster of a ride, that I would not want to change! But never in my wildest imagination did I think that on my Silver Wedding Anniversary I would be pregnant with our 7th child! Paul definitely ROCKS my world!

Lake Hopatcong

I dont think the day was anything like we had planned before we found our I was pregnant last September, but due to alot of pelvic pain and walking around getting more difficult by the day, we opted for a calm and quiet day, and the weather could not have been more perfect if we had planned it! We started our day in the cute littel antiqueing town of Andover, now this town has the smallest main street ever, wow not a lot going on there, but I did fall in love with an antique garden set, but Paul just laughed and said he would not have that in his front garden… I just thought he was mean, ha,ha!

Anyway onto Lake Hopatcong for a spot of lunch by the lake, but when we got there, there was not a lot open, so we headed to the one place that looked open… it had a fantastic location on the lake and it was quiet, so we sat down and ordered a couple of drinks, but after looking at the menu we decided to head back to the Mohawk House in Sparta for Happy Hour, boy were we glad we did that as when someone else ordered food it looked like it was frozen heated in the microwave!

The lake was beautiful and calm, and we sat there for a couple of hours before heading out… The day was definitely not how I had thought we would spend our day 25 years before, but it was perfect and it will be one I look back on and smile for many years to come!

Two days later it was my Birthday, a day that I dread each year… Another year older, more gray hairs and a few more wrinkles just to say, hey you really are not 20 anymore! This year felt different, I was going to be 44 and I felt very pregnant, but it was the start of something new and exciting… The birth of our second daughter. My focus was more on what this tiny child growing within me would look like, who she would be and most importantly how was I going to get through the c-section?

My Birthday was another calm relaxed day, with not a lot of alcohol involved, this never usually happens. Lewis made me breakfast on the deck, again the sun was shining brightly. We then went into Lafayette village for a walk and a browse around the antique shops, then onto Mohawk House for a glass of wine, dinner and a chocolate lava cake, shared with my Mom! The evening was a family affair, with gifts, white chocolate raspberry cheesecake and a small glass of champagne!

I now look forward to the coming weeks with anticipation and extreme excitement… My new baby girl arrives soon to turn our lives completely upside down!



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