To be Spring or not to be Spring, that is the question!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Well what a weird couple of weeks it has been, we have seen a March snow day followed by a delayed opening, and then on April Fools day another 2 inches of snow… where is Spring 2011, that is what I want to know!


In March I began thinking spring and summer clothes, I had a 30%off coupon for Old Navy, I just love that store so much… so with spring and summer in mind I went to Livingston with my coupon in hand and bought a whole range of clothes… Some for me, dresses were $10 so I bought 3, I was thrilled because they were not maternity and I still managed to fit into a medium, shorts, swimwear and t-shirts for Blu and then swimwear and flip flops for Mabel.  I was really, really tempted into buying all the cute baby dresses they had in there, but I was good and resisted the urge!  I even threw in a few items for Paul, what a kind wife I am!


A few days after my shopping trip, temperatures hit the 70’s… yes, I could wear my new purchases.  I swore when I put on my sandals I was not going back into my boots until the Fall, even if it did snow again, ha, ha, I really did not think at this point that the snow would be back… finally spring was here and there was no looking back!


Little did I know, this was just a teaser and that within days there would be yet another winter weather warning… winter, I hear you all cry, but it is spring… Yes winter came back with a force, here in Sparta we saw 12 inches of snow and of course another snow day… yay my children cried,  NOOOOOOO their mother cried, give me back the spring!


Well it seems, here in New Jersey, Spring is definitely in hiding.  Spring Soccer began this weekend, with practice sessions on Saturday and our first games yesterday.  The forecast looked good for the weekend, with temperatures reaching the mid 50’s, we even packed a picnic, as we headed into Madison for the day… little did we realise that with the sunshine would be a very, very cold chilly wind, watching each game yesterday was like being in a wind tunnel, it was never ending… the car was very inviting at the end of each game, but despite all of that both Blu and Mabel’s teams won both games… Mabel scored her first goal for her new team, so all in all despite the weather it was a good weekend for our little budding soccer stars!


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