Where is the snow globe?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I was expecting to wake up to a snow globe this morning, but instead it was still green and a little bit sunny… Wow, this time the weather man was so wrong… No snow, yay… It was too early for it anyway!


No soccer practice for Mabel this morning, so that meant a quiet morning for us girls whilst the boys headed into Madison for their practice… No such luck, what was I thinking… Ha, ha! My morning in bed watching TV with my girls was not going to happen… Family crisis, I cannot say anymore, just know my girly morning was cancelled!


On our way home from Madison we headed to Party Fair on Route 46, it was time to finally get those Halloween costumes, surely Blu and Mabel would not change their minds anymore… The weatherman had been right all along, we were going to get a white Halloween after all… The flakes of snow were getting heavier as we ummmm’d and argh’dddd in Party Fair over all the costumes… Finally we had decided… Scream for Blu and a Monster Bride for Mabel… Time to head home for a typical snow day in the warm!


First things first on this snowy afternoon… Catching up with Vampire Diaries and a glass of wine… It is not often I get to watch tv and drink wine on a Saturday afternoon… So why not!  Then it was time to watch ‘Water for Elephants’, just what you need with your wine on a snowy day, a healthy dose of Mr Pattinson to warm you up!  Blu and Mabel were not so happy with spending the afternoon this way and were constantly winding each other up throughout my movie, very distracting, did they not realise who was in this movie… At least Florrie understood, she very obligingly slept on my lap all the way through!

sausage and potato soup


We decided on a comforting warm sausage, potato and green bean soup again for dinner… Perfect for a chilly day, followed by warm strawberry muffins, I know strawberry muffins seems weird at this time of year, but thats what I had in, so I googled a recipe… And OMG they were scrummily delicious! We are definitely using that recipe again, I will just adjust the strawberries to whatever I have in!


So apart from Blu and Mabel being extremely bored for most of the day… This very weird October Snow day was very nice…But we were very lucky, we did not lose power, unlike many of our friends, we did stay warm, unlike many people across New Jersey and for that I am very grateful!

strawberry muffins


This is the link to the recipe for my delicious muffins… Remember do not over stir, the more lumps the better!


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