Basil, Parsley and Chives

Friday, April 20, 2012

Time to get back to menu planning, I realize when I don’t organize my meals in advance how bad mealtimes seem to me!  I’ve had two weeks off now, what with our trip to Cape Cod and then trying to get back into some sort of routine this week… Enough is enough its time to sort out next weeks meals, although I’m not very good at switching seasons with my meals, I always think that fall and winter are so much easier to cook in, I love casseroles, soups and just one pot meals in general, so quick and satisfying!  Spring brings along BBQ season, which I do love too, but then you have to plan sides and salads which I also love but it is alot of extra work all that chopping is very time consuming, so don’t be fooled that salads are the easy route for dinner, they can definitely take some time to prepare!

Spring also means preparing my outside decking room, this year we have put away our 8 seater table as it was just too large for our deck and replaced it with a much smaller iron table and we have gone very shabby chic/country, a style which I love, and matched the table with mix and match chairs, very cute!  Last year we bought lights to put up, but with having a new born baby they just did not get put up, so this year they are going to be put around the decking and then finally I want to plant some herbs and tomatoes, maybe some cucumbers into pots and have a little kitchen garden… So today I’m going to start by planting my herb seeds and fingers crossed they will grow, as I’m not the most green fingered of people out there, but I have managed to keep a beautiful hydrangea alive for almost a month now, with the help of Lewis whilst I was away… Yay for my greenish fingers!


One last thing before I start this beautiful day here in New Jersey, whilst we were in Cape Cod we stayed in the cutest little house by the sea, I loved the way the house was decorated and furnished, one of the ideas in there, I have completely stolen… At one end of the kitchen table, a chair had been replaced with a comfy armchair and a cushion… This is a fantastic idea and this week I have so copied it, although my armchair is slightly too low, I need to find a new one, it will be fine for now… We are huge kitchen people, it is the room we spend most of our time in, the comfy chair is so nice to relax in with dinner, coffee or a glass of wine whilst you sit and chat or just enjoy the sunny day by the open window… The best idea ever!

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