Finding Cath Kidston…

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My menu plan (posted down below) for the week is going quite well. I had to swap Tuesday and Wednesday nights around due to being out much later than I had planned on Tuesday,  but that’s ok, I’m still on schedule, which I’m very happy about!  Last night we had home made pizzas, they were delicious even if I do say it myself, I have found a really good pizza crust recipe for my bread machine, I’ll post the link down below, it was so good Dom, Farrel and Jord all wanted another one, which is unheard of for them, but it was too bad I’d only made one pizza crust for each person, there was salad, but of course it was only Paul and I that ate that one!  I had to go out at about 4.30pm, so I prepared the crusts in advance and this worked out well as I had a helper… Once the dough was out of the bread machine Mabel rolled each one out, so well, that Dom could not believe we had made them, he thought they looked store bought, and then I pre baked them!


Tuesday I met a friend over in Ledgewood in a fabric store, remember my blog about learning to sew, well she had read that and then suggested we meet at Jo-Ann Fabrics, well I was in Fabric fantasy land, so much choice, but I really did not have a project in mind, so I found a learn to sew book by, wait for it… My favorite shop, Cath Kidston, I know weird huh? Cath Kidston, quintessentially English, in an American fabric store, what are the chances, you probably would not get this book in an English store, so of course I had to buy it, the only one on the shelf, plus Joy had a 50% off coupon, so it was a bargain!  One of the projects I have had in my mind was to cover some cushions on my sofa, so with this in mind one of the easy patterns in my new book is a very cute cushion cover, so I am thinking this could be the sewing project I start with… Now to find a fabric, I think this will mean another trip to my Fabric Fantasy land all over again!

Anyway my afternoon with Joy was so much fun, she found a very cute brown sparkly fabric to make a runner, then we lunched in Ruby Tuesday’s, but of course in keeping with my new healthy eating plan, we both had the salad bar… Thank you Joy for a lovely afternoon, although I lost track of time and was late picking up Dom as I headed into Marshall’s after she left and then wandered around looking at all the markdowns, but on the plus side Florence has some new vests/onsies, I have some socks and tights, a bargain at $2 a pack and I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous black cardigan $49 down to the bargain price of $20, oh how I love Marshall’s and a good bargain!



What’s for dinner in your house tonight?

Ours was create your own pizza night… I prepared a pizza dough in my bread maker, then once it was ready we rolled out 8 bases and pre baked on 375 f for 3 minutes, I then stored them in the refrigerator for later.  I did cheat and used store bought marinara sauce, Organic Trader Joes of course!  Whilst I was out I left 4/5 chicken breasts slowcooking in 2 tblsp of cajun spices and about 1 cup of water.  I made a macaroni pasta salad with 1/4 box of pasta (left over from dinner the night before) 1/4 cucumber, diced, 1 tomato diced, 3 mushrooms sliced, 1 sick of celery sliced, and a handful of spring mix and baby spinach chopped… I then tossed this with a simple vinaigrette, 1/3 white balsamic vinegar, 2/3 olive oil (I am going to change this up for stock in the future instead, as part of my healthier eating), black pepper and grain Dijon mustard!


So to our pizzas we added, marinara sauce, a selection of shredded cheeses (skimmed mozarella, cheddar, jack and parmesan), Cajun spiced chicken, mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes.  We then baked them at 375f for 10 minutes!


Here is the link for the pizza dough- http://allrecipes.com/recipe/bread-machine-thin-crust-pizza-dough/detail.aspx


Just in case you want to see what we are eating this week, here is my menu plan-

Monday – pulled pork flat bread sandwiches and salad


Tuesday – Make your own pizza… (this got swapped to wednesday)


Wednesday – older children get your own night, dinner from the freezer for us… This turned into everyone eating from the freezer!


Thursday – stuffed shells and salad ( whole foods recipe)


Friday – chicken and dumpling casserole


Saturday – taco night


Sunday – Baked Chicken with Spinach, Pears and Blue Cheese and baked potatoes (whole foods recipe)


I think I am going to plan my menu on a friday in future and work my grocery shopping around it.  Almost all of my veggies were organic this week, and I tried to include as much organic store cupboard items too, marinara sauce, pasta and rice!  I am looking for an organice produce company to deliver to my house but I am not finding any that deliver to Sparta, now you would think living out here in the country with farms all around, it would be easy to find one, but oh no… I will just have to continue with Costco and Trader Joes until the farmers markets start again!




2 thoughts on “Finding Cath Kidston…”

  1. Just made Lia an edwardian dress and jacket for her Titanic day (100th anniversary of sinking, part of her history lesson) in school, also making Fiona (from Shrek) dress, just bought some silk lining to make it, very cheap? Can you buy fabric by wieght, off cuts etc. works out a good price.

    1. I have found a couple of great fabric stores over here but I have not found any fabric that is sold by weight only by the yard, even the cut offs seem to be priced up as full price, which after working in Laura Ashely, and pricing up the remnants, it really disappointed me! The best bargains have been found in Walmart where they have been having a clearance sale with fabric being sold off at $1.50 and up and yard! x

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