I think we need some passports!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our weekend was all about snow, soccer, passports and friends, in that order!  First thing Saturday morning we woke up to the snow, just as it had been forecast… As we sat in bed we realized that we had forgotten to get gas for our brand new snow blower, ha, ha, so funny, we bought it months ago and we had been waiting for the snow, but now no gas to actually use it!  Fortunately we only had about 5 inches of snow so we could drive over it and get some gas… Yay Paul could finally use his new toy, and yes… He loved it! (sorry I forgot to take photo’s of Paul using his brand new snow blower!)


Later in the day the roads were clear and we headed into town for a local soccer tournament for Blu… This was the first time he has gotten to play with friends from school so he was very excited, well as excited as Blu gets about anything!  It was a fun couple of hours, we met some new people and learned all about skiing in PA, so we may head over there next Sunday… Snow tubing, fun!


After the tournament we headed to a photographic shop to get passport photos done… Can you believe Blu, Mabel and Farrels passports have all expired, plus we need to get one for Florence… Passports are a nightmare when you live in the country you want them from, but try living 3500 miles away!  Firstly American passport photos are bigger than UK ones and secondly when you call the passport help line they not only charge you $2.50 per minute but when they answer they want your credit card info so they can charge you more money per minute whilst your left on hold!  anyway this photo shop in Sparta was very helpful and could cut the photos to the exact size for a British passport, yay, one part of it done!


Sunday we got the rest of the passport information completed online… Btw loving the smart form, but then our printer is a nightmare, or should I say our kids are a nightmare, because they keep on using all the ink, $50 worth of ink gone in less than a month… Anyway this meant we struggled to print off 2, 7 page passport application forms… 90 minutes later we were on our way to Fanwood to friends of ours, as he is Scottish and works with Paul at the bank so he can sign the photos… Yay another part completed!


I finally got all parts completed yesterday, a certified check or two from the bank, old passports, UPS store and $30 later they are on their way to the passport office in Washinton DC, hopefully they will arrive this morning at 10.30am, i am tracking them!  My next problem is getting a very kind American friend to come to the post office with me to sign Florences passport info, as that has to be signed in front of the collecting agent… Then hopefully we are good to go!


Back to menu planning for the week… Last weeks worked out very well, just one hiccup, pizzas on Sunday as we got home later than planned, but that was fine as it meant I had Sunday nights meal in reserve for yesterday…


What was for dinner in your house last night?

Ours was lasagna and a zucchini bake, a recipe idea from a friend that was delicious!


This is my menu plan for this week, most of the recipes are from Jamie’s Great Britain cook book, I also thought I would try a lemon and lime sorbet in my new ice cream maker and he has a recipe for Scottish shortbread, I’d like to compare it to my friends authentic Scottish shortbread cookies she makes… They are scrummy, so it will be interesting to see if Jamie’s compare… Happy cooking!

Tuesday – Cajun chicken pizza and fresh tomato soup (page 46)

Wednesday – from the freezer… Chili night!

Thursday – shepherds pie vs milkmans pie (page 238) and arugula and beet salad

Friday – granny smiths pork and rice salad (page 96) roasted apple and squash soup (page 60)

Saturday – empire roast chicken with Bombay roasties and amazing Indian gravy (page 138)

Sunday – get your own… We are going snow tubing!

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