Ice Cream Maker…

Saturday, January 21, 2012

This week has been all about the ice cream maker… Ice cream maker I hear you all cry, it’s the middle of winter! Well with my addiction to all things blogging this week I have been interested in watching how a lot of people are making their own ice cream… No additives, no preservatives, healthy fat free, frozen yogurt, there are many possibilities, oh and I forgot frozen cocktails, now who could resist… Sounds good, even in the middle of winter and my children love ice cream any time, any weather!


The big question was ‘did I need an ice cream maker?’… Yes, I decided after much deliberation and of course the middle of winter is the perfect time to buy one because they are not in demand you can find somewhere that has a good deal on them, or so I thought anyway!  Well I did get $20 off in Macy’s but that was just an accident as they had not taken the reduced price sticker off so they very kindly honored the lower price… Yay $59.99 instead of $79.99!


I’m not sure that I will save a lot of money with making the ice cream myself over buying it when they are on special in the shops, but I do think it will be better for us… I will know each ingredient that goes into it, I can use organic products and also control the fat and sugar, so I think this will be a gadget that I will use a lot, but of course only time will tell, Paul does not agree, he thinks it will be one of those gadgets that just sits in my cupboard untouched for ever, well he does not know me so well, as I do not own one gadget that I do not use 100% whenever I can!


I made my first batch of delicious creamy ice cream last night (photo above), I took half the cream and replaced it with fat free organic half and half, I also replaced the whole milk to fat free and used light brown sugar… The result sumptuous creamy chocolate chip ice cream, I really thought I was eating the full cream version it was so good!  I will keep you posted on wether or not this is worth the money and how much I am using it!


This was my menu plan for this week:


Tuesday – orecchiette with sausage and broccoli rabe (page 71) adapted to my way


Wednesday – from the freezer


Thursday – soy ginger chicken (page 59) and quinoa salad


Friday – lighter beef chili (page 43) with rice and tortillas


Saturday – light chicken Parmesan (page67) noodles and salad


Sunday – healthier meat lasagna (page 76) and salad




I started on Tuesday as I managed to use a day from last week due to our unexpected take out night, I have also been using my new Martha Stewart LITE cook book… So far so good, we have had 2 recipes so far out of it and they have both been good, I did add a couple of ingredients to the pasta and sausage recipe, it was a make again in my house though!  I have decided that each week I am going to use one cookbook for recipes, so next week is going to be Jamie Oliver’s Best of British, I am looking forward to challenging myself and making the recipes lite, like the Martha Stewart one this week!




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