Indian Saturday Roast

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This weekend did not go at all to plan exactly… Saturday started the weekend well, we just chilled out cooked and made bracelets!  Mabel is doing an after school club called Trep$, this is a young persons entrepreneur guide to setting up your own business.  On february 8th she will have the opportunity to sell something she has planned to set up her business with… So with this in mind, Mabel had the idea to make and sell charm bracelets, after doing some research we decided charm bracelets would cost too much to make and then sell on, so after googling ‘how to make a beaded bracelet’ I got the idea to mess around with different beads.  I did a quick run over to AC Moore’s and picked up a selection of beads on friday, we then began the process of trying to make the bracelet, it all worked out fine, so we were happy and then the creative juices kicked in, new designs and new beads were needed so on Saturday afternoon Mabel and I headed back to AC Moore and bought more beads, this time she chose color schemes and we headed home to start dinner and make more bracelets… I do have to say it caught the interest of everyone in the house, well maybe not Blu as he never comes off the XBOX, but Paul made some rather good bracelets then Farrel got threading, all in all it worked out very well… We are now in the process of experimenting with a few boys designs… Watch this space!


Sunday was the day that did not quite go to plan, we were meant to be snow tubing, but silly me did not realize you could not book your tickets 24 hours in advance, it had to be more than 48 hours, so we did not want to risk getting there and not being able to snow tube… Then an offer for Paul’s team to play on the High School turf field in Madison came in, so of course my soccer/football obsessed husband decided it would be a good idea to go over… So Sunday afternoon went as follows… Quick run around a very busy Costco (we needed salt for the water softener and they are too heavy for me to lift, so I need Paul), then onto Madison High School, where I was going to get out and watch the game but it was too cold, so Mabel, Florrie and I headed to Michaels to hunt for more beads, then back to Madison for Starbucks, Gary’s Liquor store and finally just what you need on a cold January day, an ice cream in Mc Cools… Yay!


Well that was our weekend in a nutshell, as they say… Not the most interesting but Saturday was the nicest day we have had in a while, no dramas to deal with just normal chill out time doing, as it turned out a fun crafting afternoon for all the family!  Oh I forgot to mention Paul had a yearning to make coconut ice, a childhood memory, so I got him the ingredients and now we have a bowl of very sickly coconut ice… It does look very pretty though, all pink and white, Blu and Mabel LOVE it, what a surprise!


What’s for dinner in your house?

On Saturday night we had Jamie Oliver’s Empire Roast chicken… Wow this was a very delicious cool twist on the traditional Sunday roast… First you rubbed the chicken with a home made Indian paste, I put mine into the slow cooker, but he roasts his in the oven, then after par boiling the potatoes you make an Indian oil for them to be tossed in before roasting them in the oven and then finally the gravy is made as you would normally but you infuse it with cloves, a cinnamon stick and red onion… The result a very different scrummy roast dinner… It was a big hit in our house, we are not normally huge fans of the Sunday roast but Indian Style is definitely the way to go for us!


So this is my menu plan for the week… I have managed to reduce our grocery shop this week by $50, this is huge for us, I am hoping to make breakfast, lunch and dinner for 7 days on $50 less than I normally spend and still eat healthily, and more organic, so far so good, but I will let you know how it goes next week… Happy Cooking!


lunch -turkey and pasta salad

dinner – sweet potato and Black bean enchiladas with shredded chicken



lunch –  black bean salad

dinner – chicken and dumplings



lunch – brown rice salad

dinner – linguine with spinach, artichokes and red lentil sauce / meatballs



lunch – vegetable soup

dinner – brown rice with chicken and broccoli



dinner –  foccacia pizza… cajun chicken



dinner –  italian wedding soup


sunday  – super bowl menu!


2 thoughts on “Indian Saturday Roast”

    1. yep, I am a bit of a foodie, a real surprise to me after years of being anorexic… I am also very keen for everyone to eat healthily so this means lots of baking and cooking in such a large family, I love cooking when I have the time, which is not so much these days with my little florrie to keep me running around all day!

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