Left overs Queen!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Today was another non event day… The morning was spent preparing for later on in the day… Slow cooker on and the beginnings of my beef pot pie cooking, then it was time for brunch for Paul and I … So if any of you know me well, you will know I am queen of the left overs, I love, love, love left overs, you can do so much with something you have already made, making it into something new and equally as delicious, well hopefully!  So back to brunch and the left overs… Remember last nights warm winter salad, Jamie’ish style, well of course, with all things green and relatively healthy looking there is always left overs in my house, so I halved and toasted a bagel, the only one left, I warmed through the salad and gently poached two eggs and created brunch for 2… An open bagel sandwich topped with warm sausage salad and a soft poached egg, and let me tell you it was so yummy, yummy, yummy!


Florence was not so impressed with her sweet potatoes and kept pushing my hand away and spitting it out, she still has this cold, so I decided it was not worth forcing her to eat it…

It was then time to head over to Newton for a few Christmassy things… We headed straight to Homegoods and Marshall’s I needed a few things and ended up buying a cute pink and white polka dot cupcake stand for Florence’s birthday… I know I still have 5 months, but you know what it’s like I won’t be able to get it nearer the time.  I did manage to get the gifts I went in for too, so I was happy!  A quick trip to stop and shop for more bagels and a $7 jar of mincemeat for mince pies and it was time to go home and finish up the dinner I had started.


The pastry I had made a couple of weeks ago and frozen was defrosted, the beef was cooked so I put it into a pie dish topped it with the pastry and into the oven it went for 25 minutes!  Dinner for Blu and Mabel was done, Florrie was in her Pjs and nursed… Time for a much needed glass of Shiraz!

Then the stomach pains started… Uh oh the thing Farrel had the night before must have been a stomach bug and now I had it… Time for bed then!



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