‘Living in America…’

Monday, January 16, 2012

I was going to write this blog last Wednesday in honor of living in New Jersey 5 years exactly on that day, but like everything at the moment, things do not run quite as planned!  So I think it is fitting that I write it today on Martin Luther King Day, our first holiday we celebrated over here, well not quite celebrated as panicked through!  Jordan suddenly had terrible tooth ache, we needed a dentist, on a holiday in a new country, using health insurance that was all new to us… What to do… Panic, that’s what!  We found a dentist in Madison, eventually, drove over there, as we were staying in Cedar Knolls, he was fantastic, he then told us he needed an emergency root canal now and told us we had to head over towards Westfield, I can’t quite remember where exactly.  After the root-canal we found a pharmacy and paid $80 for a prescription (no prescription card yet) and then found somewhere for dinner in downtown Westfield … Welcome to the USA!


We moved into Madison on a freezing cold February day, I left Paul and the older boys with the removal guys and headed to Florham Park McDonald’s with Blu and Mabel to warm them up, all the doors were open at the house and cold was not a word for how it felt inside!  We loved living on Central Ave, we had wonderful neighbours, great friends, we could walk downtown to everything, life was good!  We quickly learnt how cold the winters were here in New Jersey, we had not seen this much snow ever in our lives… I remember Dom teaching Farrel how to roll a ball of snow to make a snow man, he did not even know and he was 12! We then learnt how beautiful spring is, the weather is perfect, the skies are so blue, summer is hot, hot, hot, sometimes the humidity is unbearable, you can’t even sit outside and appreciate the weather, mosquitos are bad too, you can feel like they are eating you alive, there are so many!  Fall is another perfect season, with the crisp blue skies and the orange leaves from trees it is a perfect picture to be seen.  Also fall brings with it festivals of pumpkins, apple cider, scary Halloween houses, hay rides and corn mazes, it is a great time to visit!


Our first two years living in Madison New Jersey were so much fun, meeting new friends, traveling to new places and everything we did was new… Starting the children in their schools, all new and exciting, well not so much excitement for the children, I remember Farrel walking home from the Junior school a couple of times, he was so scared!  Finding a new doctor, dentist oh and the time I chopped my thumb with a huge knife, trying to find the nearest ER, then Blu gnashing his chin as he jumped off the trampoline going back to the hospital… All new and exciting… Not, ha, ha!


Our first two summers over here were spent partying in the garden , lots of BBQs, wine and friends, old and new, as we had visitors come stay from England too!  The children settled well into their new lives here, making lots of new friends too!


Then we moved to our home in Sparta, it was like our vacation ended.  Suddenly we had responsibilities again, we owned this house, this time, it was time to be a grown up again!  I love Sparta as a town, it has an awesome library, the elementary and Middle schools are fantastic, but there is just something missing over here… It just does not feel the same as Madison did for us, but with the economy the way it is, I keep my fingers and toes crossed that we can sell this house before Blu goes into High School, as this is the time frame we have given ourselves to move… Sparta is a beautiful town but just not for us!


When I arrived 5 years ago I just had no idea what living here would bring for me, and in the past 5 years, I have found new and old friends that I have reconnected with through the wonderful invention of Facebook, they have not only been kind and caring, but Supportive and inspiring in so many ways!  I consider myself a very lucky person to have such a wonderful family and so many fabulous friends both here and back at home… It has been a rollacoaster ride here in the USA for us as a family, but im glad ive ridden it!


The biggest surprise of living here in New Jersey is my new baby girl, who would of thought on Wednesday, January 11th 2007 when I arrived at Newark International Airport ,with 4 of my sons (Lewis stayed back in England to finish his A levels and Paul was already here) and my little Mabel Daisie, that 5 years later I would be sitting in my bed in Sparta with a beautiful 7 month old baby girl named Florence Elsie… Not me, that is for sure, but it is one surprise that I will always love with all my heart… My little American girl!


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