LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Trader Joes!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

painting by Mabel

My first blog of 2012 is going to be all about a healthier lifestyle, mainly for me, as I usually forget about myself with all the children and Paul to run about after, but if anyone wants to join me along the way they are free to try!

After a very fun New Years Eve party at a friends house and eating too much delicious chicken curry and meatballs, although I’m sure the karaoke songs all night were a workout in themselves and then the walk home at 2.30am burnt off a few calories.  Then the very lazy New Years day with lots of eating, first of all in 54 Main I stuffed down, and when I say I stuffed down I mean I did, I was starving!  Anyway back to my point I had a chicken BLT with lots of delicious sweet potato fries and then later on we ordered pizza which I ate at home tucked up in bed watching a movie with my two girls! Well now I am thinking it is time for a healthier lifestyle, not a diet, that’s not what I want to do, although I do want to lose a little bit of weight, but really I just want to be healthier… So no more junk, ha, ha!

I kind of made a start last week, in between all that Christmas stuff we ate healthy salad and soups a few days, but now we are into January and it’s winter, so I’ll be indoors much more, I want to make a start on completely adjusting my eating habits!  Now don’t get me wrong, we mainly do eat good cooked from scratch meals but I really want to adjust it more, especially for myself, I want to eat breakfast regularly and instead of snacking on cookies think more of fruit or yogurt, bake alot more, so I know exactly what the children are eating and the most important thing try to be more organic on a budget…  Ha, I hear you cry, organic and 7 children on a budget, well I think it can be done, my older children don’t really eat the things we eat, unless I make lasagne like last night, then everyone wants a piece but on the whole, anything that resembles healthy is just for Paul, Lewis, Mabel and I!

So with all this in mind I am hoping that doing the blogging will help me keep on track, focused and give me an excuse to record all the food we eat!  Then hopefully as the weather improves I can incorporate some much needed exercise!

I hope you all had a great New Year, we had a wonderful evening with Great Friends… Happy January!

Ps… The photo above is a cilantro dressing from Trader Joes, we recently discovered it around some friends of ours house, and Mabel and I are hooked, it is great for salads, sandwiches, drizzled over pasta, it is just so delicious, and I am just in love with cilantro anyway!


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