Making changes…

Thursday, June 7, 2012

my first attempt at dress making

So blogging has not been top of my priority list recently, what with May being a busy month for us, our Anniversary, my Birthday, Mothers Day and then most importantly Florrie’s First Birthday… May just whizzed by us in a blur!  My mum has gone home now, has it really been 4 weeks since she arrived here… We had so much fun, this trip was about practical things like her teaching me to use the sewing machine, I could hand sew but I’ve never been very confident with the sewing machine… Well guess what, I’m not as bad as I thought, thanks to my mum, I’m now a whiz with a machine, ha, ha… Well I’m getting there anyway.  I managed to make Florrie a very cute outfit and a make up bag for a friends birthday gift… I now have many, many projects on my list to make, first off cushion covers to cover the hideous ones that came with the sofa!

homemade burger buns

My goals for this year are to learn new skills, I have a plan in mind to start my own business, I have been in talks with a friend about this for quite some time now… So with one new skill learned and hopefully being improved upon, I have many more listed to go… Learn to crotchet, practice my frosting skills for cupcakes, learn to appliqué …  Our new business idea is an events planning company… Who knows we might actually make it work!

Food and nutrition have been very important to me for quite some time now, it’s very difficult to feed fussy children properly, but I’m trying, it’s also very difficult to cook with a year old baby who is very clingy and on the go constantly, but again I’m trying… I’ve been trying to make my own  bread more and bake more wholesomely..  So far I made my own burger buns, they were the best burger buns ever (I’ll add the link at the bottom), and yesterday I made pita breads, I’ve been buying Trader Joes white whole meal flour and adding it to everything, no ones even noticed!  The other change I’ve made to our diet is whole grain pasta, I’ve been buying brown rice for a while, Trader Joes brown basmati rice, so good, but now I’m adding their brown pasta and also their brown rice pasta too! I make a pasta bake in my steamer with whatever veggies and protein I have in, just add it to the steamer coat in tomato sauce then cook, no ones even noticed… Having Jord with his stomach problems recently, really made me research and change the things we eat!

After reading an article a friend posted on facebook about canned tomatoes and the chemicals from the can reacting with the tomatoes, it has made me cautious about canned tomatoes, I have mainly stuck to plain pasta sauces in glass jars for everything I’m cooking, walmarts, good value one being my favorite, it’s so good with no additives either!  But now I’m thinking, with summer farmers markets just about to arrive its time to bulk make my own tomato sauce and glass jar it up, if that makes sense… My brain is not working very well today!

Diamond Julilee cake

This year I am going to use the fresh local foods from farmers markets, I’ve never really done this before, as it is much easier to shop for produce in the grocery store whilst you are there, but I’m going to make this a weekly outing for the children, adding in an ice cream store visit in for good measure… I also want to get them cooking much more too, hopefully this will encourage Blu to vary his diet and try new things,  so what better way to start than to actually go choose the food you are going to be cooking… Happy summer thoughts to everyone… The sun is shining and we are counting down the days until school is out… Long lazy hot summer days… Ahhhhh!

The website for the burger buns is – http://allrecipes.com/recipe/burger-or-hot-dog-buns/

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