Rainy Spring Sunday…

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Plan for today, a grayish Sunday in April… Lay in bed with my coffee, my baby girl asleep in my lap, get up and make Jamie Oliver pancakes (so easy, recipe down below) with fresh fruit and maple syrup, water my seeds, get dressed then head out to two soccer games, one in Bridgewater, the other in Madison before heading home to make parmigiana, prosciutto, mushroom and pea risotto with a green salad for dinner and of course then sit down for the evening with a large glass of read wine and my book!


Well that should be my Sunday… Fingers crossed!


Recipe for Jamie’s easy peasy pancakes:

One cup of all purpose flour

One egg

One cup of any milk you have in… Are you noticing an easy to remember theme here, one cup of everything and your done!

A pinch of salt


Mix all the ingredients together until blended, it does not matter if there are a few lumps left, I have my pancake pen (photo above) which I transfer the batter into, I love this so much, I make up double and then the batter put into the pen stores in the fridge for an easy pancake breakfast before school… heat a light layer of oil in a frying pan, I use a spray oil then add about a quarter of a cup three times to the pan, allow to brown slightly before flipping, brown again and then serve with whatever you like… So easy and so good, no need to even write this recipe down its that simple!


Next up… I have finally after a few weeks off have devised a menu plan for the week and here it is…



Saturday – Mediterranean chicken salad


Sunday – Parmigiana risotto with prosciutto mushroom and peas


Monday – Mediterranean turkey pockets


Tuesday – Roasted chicken breasts with grape orange and feta salsa


Wednesday – Chicken noodle strudel


thursday – Chicken romaine heart wraps



We are going healthy this week with lettuce wraps, salads and maybe a few substitutes for me with tofu and salmon, I bought a huge box of tofu in Costco yesterday, yes I love tofu, for $3.79, it was such a bargain!

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