School Uniform… yes or no?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Lake Mohawk…April 16, 2012

Last night we attended Mabel’s last ever elementary school chorus concert, I know I’m biased but she looked so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes just thinking about how grown up she is getting! It’s hard to believe in a few short weeks she will be leaving Alpine school to move onto the Middle school, how is that possible, she was my baby for so long… It’s even harder to believe that if we still lived in England she would be headed straight for secondary school, now that is such a very scary thought… all that school uniform I would have to buy… Oh how I love the no school uniform over here, now i know alot of you disagree with me over this subject, but after many years of doing the school uniform thing, I personally think it is so not needed.  Many people would argue, my Mum included, that it helps with discrimination against those who cannot afford the designer brands, well I would say that even with school uniform you can see who shops in Asda instead of who shops in M&S, or which child is wearing his older brothers very worn trousers and sweatshirts, and really we can all afford the labels our children want to wear just by shopping wisely, Abercrombie can actually be cheaper than Target if you keep an eye out for the extra discount sales on clearance!  There are also those people that would argue that school uniform is actually smarter than wearing your casual clothes, well to that I would say that it depends on the child, I had 3 boys in school uniform, and whether they wore casual clothes or school uniform they looked the same… Jord always looked neat and tidy in both sets of clothes but on the other hand Lew just always looked a little bit untidy, it was just the way he was when he was younger, school uniform really didn’t change the way he looked… Plus i always hated spending all that money on clothes and shoes i really disliked, i would have much rather spent the money on the nice brightly colored clothes they liked, like i do now!  So after standing on my soap box and giving my opinion on school uniform, I say to you all I just love watching Mabel choose her outfit each day and then running out the door to catch the bus knowing how much time she has spent on what she wears to school, now Blu on the other hand, well don’t get me started, all I will say is that in reality one outfit would be all Blu needed in his closet, so maybe school uniform would work for him… Enough said!

On a side note, I just wanted to say that some of the seeds I planted have sprouted up through the soil, Mabel and I are very excited to see actual green sprouts in the soil, so far the sunflowers are winning closely followed by the cucumbers and basil, I’m not sure what has happened to the strawberries, chives and parsley but we carry on watering them daily!  I also bought a small tomato plant, which hopefully I will be able to keep alive long enough to eat the tomatoes and my hydrangea is still looking good… Fingers crossed I may have a small kitchen garden this summer!


I’m going to try and make some fruit and yogurt Popsicles this week, I have some frozen fruit and plain yogurt to use up and some weeks ago I bought the Popsicle makers for the freezer with the intention of making them, well the box is still on the kitchen side unopened, my only excuse is that we did go on vacation for a few days in between.  so this week I’m going to get those healthy treats into the freezer, I’m sure Mabel won’t like them, she is so changeable with what she likes and dislikes these days. I’m hoping to get some vitamins into Blu, his sweet tooth is growing by the day and driving me crazy, maybe these will satisfy his cravings enough that he won’t actually realize they are healthy!

3 thoughts on “School Uniform… yes or no?”

  1. School uniforms create a sense of belonging. ? although kids should be encouraged for independance, I think individualization isnt always a good things, its too promenant these days. When I go to see Lia at school events it is lovely seeing a sea of bottle green with plaits, ponies, bunches and hair bands. Always worn a uniform even in my working life, I was proud of it. Its even nicer then to dress in mufti when the uniform comes off. It separated work from home life. As does school uniform. Regards

  2. I’m sorry but I have to disagree with your comments on school uniform.
    Children wearing school uniform do not care if it comes from M&S or Asda, any prejudices are unfortunately passed down by parents. When a child goes to school in a uniform they are not being defined by the clothes they are wearing and are able to develop as individuals by other means, i.e. their personalities.
    I also do not agree with the idea that shopping from Abercrombie can be the cheapest option, I think you may have lost touch with reality. Many parents in the US and UK are having to cut their spending at the moment. I am sure that stores such as Walmart also have sale, and when you are on a tight budget the last thing you want to worry about is having to ‘update’ your child’s wardrobe for school.
    You have to ask yourself if your husband were to lose his job, how would your children cope, would their ‘social standing’ be affected by their lack of ‘labels’?
    I am so grateful for school uniform, I have no arguments over what to wear each morning (short or long sleeve shirt?) their peers do not care what shop their uniform comes from and they are free to build friendships and most importantly learn.

    1. I am sorry that my blog came over to you like I had lost my touch with reality, I am one of the least affected by label people ever, if I like something, I like it, even if I am in a thrift store and that item was second hand, and I would say all of my children are the same, Abercrombie in this country at times can work out cheaper than Walmart, hard to believe I know but when they have big sales and discount coupons you honestly can get tops for $5, that is why I used them as an example, not because I only buy labels, believe me I love Walmart and often shop in there too! I also wanted to say that with 7 children all still living at home despite their ages I live on a strict budget every week, I don’t have an endless amount of money for food, so I am a careful shopper, and cooking Mum, I always cook good meals from scratch and love my slow cooker for cooking meals cheaply… I also wanted to add that all of my older children have part time jobs whilst they are at University. My thoughts on school uniform are just my own thoughts after many years in the UK, buying them for my children, my youngest son doesn’t care what he wears to school, lives in cheap sports shorts and $5 t-shirts from Aeropostale most days, so he kind of wears his own school uniform 7 days a week.. Thank you De for your comments, everyone has their own preferences and I am grateful you for took time to comment here on my blog, I enjoyed reading your point of view.

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