Superbowl feast…

Friday, February 3, 2012


Wow… This week went past in a blink of an eye, one day it was last Friday and I was doing my weekly menu plan and the next minute, it is a week later and guess what I’m doing exactly the same thing all over again, except this week I have already done some food shopping in Trader Joes yesterday … So the menu has to be worked around the things I have already purchased!


Sunday – superbowl feast


Jordan – shrimp Tempura


Lewis – nachos and dip


Dominic – Mozarella sticks


Mum and Dad – chili, cheesy hot dog pizza and Wings


menu plan


Monday – pumpkin chili and rice (left over from Sunday)


Tuesday – Chicken and Vegetable Curry Soup


Wednesday – from the freezer – stuffed shells and meatballs


Thursday – Chicken and Broccoli Stir-fry


Friday – spaghetti and meatballs (cheat night)


Saturday – spinach, mushroom and cheese crust less quiche


Sunday – meatloaf


I had a fabulous day yesterday, the morning was spent having coffee and breakfast with some friends in chatham, then a very quick trip to Trader Joes and then my afternoon was spent having lunch and a glass of wine with another friend in Madison… All in all Florence and I had a beautiful warm ish February day out… Thank you, you know who you are!


The Superbowl final is upon us and although I know very little about American Football, I do know that the Giants are playing on Sunday… So in our house this means there is great excitement and for the first time ever we have planned a superbowl feast of a menu to go with lots of game watching…

Jordan is bringing Tempura Shrimp, Lewis is bringing nachos and dip, we are not sure what Dom is bringing (all changed now, he picked up mozarella sticks in Costco), I am bringing on behalf of me and Paul buffalo wings, chili and a creation of mine that I am going to try a cheesy chili hot dog bread style pizza… Well we will see how this one turns out and report back to you!


Have a great weekend!


Ps… the photo above is a bracelet I made for my friends daughter… what do you think? do you think they would sell on Etsy?


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