Thoughts on vaccinating your child…

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My thoughts on vaccinating are clear, but somehow there are so many questions that still need clarifying in my mind… Vaccination is good, it protects your child and it protects those children like my nephew who cannot be vaccinated for other reasons… So why, oh why do I have so many questions and doubts about the ingredients in each and every vaccination given to my children?


So with this in mind we attended Florence’s monthly pediatrician appointment on Thursday,  I have chosen to give my baby girl only one single vaccine at a time, hence our monthly visit… A bit of a pain, but keeps my peace of mind, she is quite a way behind in the vaccination schedule due to my requirements, but the doctors have all been very nice about keeping my wishes in place, I’m not so sure how it will work when we come to the MMR, this is a bridge I will have to cross when we come to it!  So this week little Florrie weighed 17lbs 10oz, she is on the 50th percentile and she got her 2nd polio shot, she is doing well, although her dislike of solid foods is not good and her Mommy could do with her sleeping a little better… Ha,ha!  Florence is a star and can you believe 8 months old this coming week!


Yesterday she finally got one of her top teeth, so now she has 3 teeth and the next one is sitting in the gum waiting to cut its way through!  She has also hit the clingy phase… Nooooooo! All she wants is her Mommy, I suppose we spend so much time together, it was bound to happen sooner, rather than later!


In other news my menu plan has been slightly reworked, but still on schedule, so Thursday night, sat in traffic on the I 80 coming back from Chatham I decided we should order pizza, I really wanted my stuffed shells and salad as I had eaten McDonald’s for lunch, but really at 5.40pm, by the time I got home could I really be bothered to make it… The answer was no, so pizza it was!  But I did end up making it last night and to my surprise Dom, the fussy eater,  actually ate it and I think he liked it, so score one for me.  It was my first time making this dish and it was delicious, very quick and easy, definitely one to go on my menu plan again!


Stuffed shells (from my Whole Foods iPad App) and cilantro/coriander Salad :

Cook large pasta shells according to packet, mine took 9 minutes, drain and toss in olive oil, then stuff with one tub of fat free Ricotta cheese, (mine was from Trader Joes, of course, so i’m not sure of the exact size) 1/2 packet part skimmed shredded Mozarella cheese, 1 egg beaten, 1/2 packet frozen spinach and chopped fresh basil, I used dried as that’s all I had, all mixed together.  Place a thin layer of marinara sauce, I used a jar, organic of course, then place shells in one layer over the sauce, cover filled shells with the remainder of the sauce sprinkle Parmesan, shredded, grated whatever you have, over the top, cover with foil and bake for 25 minutes on 375f, uncover and cook for another 10 minutes… Serve together with Salad, I used spring mix, baby spinach and arugula/rocket leaves, chopped tomatoes, cucumber and avocado, tossed of course with my new favorite Cilantro reduced fat dressing!  We decided to try out one of our organic wines we bought last week, a Zinfandel, it definitely had a different taste, but it was good with the food, so maybe organic wine will be on our list again, but it was 15.7 % by volume, a wine to get you drunk very quickly, so maybe I will have to think about that one!

Have a great holiday weekend!


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