Let the Summer begin…

Well, school is out for Summer, it’s official Blu and Mabel have graduated from 7th and 5th grade, but more importantly Mabel is now going to be in Middle school and she could not be more excited if she tried, to quote her after her recent visit to her new school ‘it’s totally awesome!’, she is planning her locker, a mirror, some photo’s of Florrie and Simba and of course she is thinking about her back to school outfit already, all of major importance when you are soon to be 11 and moving to Middle School… Oh to be that age again!20120624-085220.jpg

I am not one of these mothers that likes to rush around all summer with camps and clubs, my philosophy is that we spend all year setting alarms and working to the schools timetables that come summer it is time to grab some rest and relaxation… So I have told Blu and Mabel we are doing one major activity a week, so last week we visited the Zoo, which my little Florrie just loved, and next week we are going to try a Wild West theme park, then we will add in some local ice-cream shops, home baking fun, and library trips and that will be our summer recess this year, quiet but relaxing!

Florrie turned 13 months last week, where has that month gone since her first birthday, can someone PLEASE slow time down for me, it’s just whizzing by so fast… Well she is officially a toddler now, she can push herself to standing in the middle of the room and waddle across the floor doing more than 12 steps, walking more than crawling now! She is so funny though, just like our dog who grabs the nearest thing in his mouth to come and greet you, she has to pick something up to walk around with and most often it’s my flip flop… Have you ever seen a very cute waddling baby carrying flip flops, it’s hilarious!

Florrie’s eating has improved in the last month, she will try anything that is green, so pepper, cucumber, avacado and cucumbers all are worth a try for her, I managed to get her to eat a strawberry by forcing her to taste it, once in her mouth she loved it and continued to eat 3 more! She loves Mommy’s homemade Mac and cheese and this weekend we have discovered she will sit quietly for over an hour munching on my homemade cheese and tomato pizza, so I have stocked up with fingers of pizza in the freezer, I may be able to get some things done while my little Florrie snacks on pizza!

After a long break Cocktail season is in full session in the Windle house again, this weekend has been all about the mojito’s, homemade pizza, ice-cream, the zoo and this morning we are going to our local farmers market and having a lazy Sunday morning brunch before the big game this afternoon!

Here’s how I made our Mojito –
Take one cocktail shaker, add one whole lime cut into 8 wedges, add 20 fresh mint leaves and 4 tablespoons of organic sugar, then pound all together with the end of a wooden spoon to release all the oils and juices from the limes and mint leaves! Fill two tall glasses with ice then add 6 shaker caps full of club soda and 1 cap of white rum to the mint and lime, shake together then pour the whole thing including lime and mint mixture over the ice add a stirrer and voila… Mojito Madness on your deck!
Happy Summer Recess!


2 thoughts on “Let the Summer begin…”

    1. I’m working on the video of her walking Lesley, I’ve tried loading it onto facebook 5 times now and it keeps failing, I’m still trying to get it on there! Birthday pics are on their way too, Florence is so active it’s hard to find 5 minutes tos sit and do them… LOL!

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