The Flat Belly Diet plan

So on a whim, which believe me never happens in our house we booked two nights in two different hotels, mainly because we couldn’t get the hotel we wanted for two nights, we packed our suitcases and drove to Long Island, NY. Tuesday 10pm we booked the rooms and by lunchtime Wednesday we were driving through New York not far from Long Island… Now this is very organized for us! Because we left it so late to book we could not get two nights at the hotel of our choice, so we decided to try another hotel too, which actually as it turned out was the better hotel in my opinion, both were nice though and really as long as they are clean and have a pool our children are happy, as was the case at both hotels!

It was a wonderful surprise break away, and one I intend to repeat, I loved the idea that we did not plan this, it just happened and it was so relaxing as we had no expectations! On the first afternoon we decided to just chill out at the hotel, Blu and Mabes were desperate to get in the pool, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to get Florrie in the water, she loved getting in her bathing suit and walking down the hallway in the hotel, she was so happy shouting all the way to the elevator, but once in the pool she was petrified! Paul took her in gradually and whooshed about, but she looked terrified and clung to him, once out and on my lap she sat so still and calm, which believe me is not like her for the rest of the time the children were in the pool! After our swim we headed to the local bar next to the hotel for a nice alcoholic beverage, of course and some food… We were in the hotel room by 9 watching the fireworks for July the 4th from the window and asleep by 10… Sad I know but I think all the excitement had worn us all out!

Thursday was beach day, with a a picnic from Stop and Shop we headed to Smith Point State Park, the beach here was beautiful, the sand was so white and so very clean, a must for this germofobic Mom… We spent hours watching Blu and Mabel in the water, they took a couple of breaks for fried chicken, a must on any hot beach day picnic… Ha, ha, or it is if your name is Mabel, and a quick sandcastle building contest, but apart from that the water was the main attraction! My little Florrie on the other hand was petrified of the sand, she would not even sit on the blanket, so it was a nice easy afternoon for Paul and I with her sat on our laps taking in everything that was around her… It was just a shame we did not have any wine to go with our gigantic sandwich picnic though!

Friday we headed back into New York and made a stop off at the Bronx Zoo… Wow, we did not realize quite how hot it was until we got out of the car, if anyone has ever looked at the location of Long Island they will realize it is surrounded on either side by coastline, so I think this took away the humidity and gave us a nice breeze and a false sense of how hot the weather had gotten over the last couple of days… The heat and humidity hit us as we walked into the zoo, it was 95 f, we headed straight to the food area, ordered chicken and fries, if ever you go to this zoo, take your own food, it was horrible, such a waste of money! Then we headed out to look for the animals, well we just made it to the giraffes and we all decided it was just too hot and that we should go grab a cooling ice cream in the air conditioning then head home, so that is just what we did!

The best thing about this little break away is having a whole weekend afterwards to get organized, so laundry is all done and put away, cases are completely empty and waiting for Paul to put them away… Now I can enjoy this relaxing Sunday, I have dough rising in the bread maker for home made English Muffins, fresh farmers market eggs and tomatoes ready to cook for breakfast… What more could you want on this beautiful Sunday morning!

This week I am following the flat belly diet menu plan, it is time to lose some of that extra baby weight for me and for Paul, well he just needs to lose weight too… I like this diet as it is just a really healthy Mediterranean style diet, also you can still eat bread, it is so hard to replace bread sometimes, so having it in controlled portions is much easier for me to manage. I think it will be tough organizing all the breakfasts and lunches for Paul before he goes to work as I have been enjoying my lay ins, but it’s something I need to do for both of us, so here we go, tomorrow is day one of the Flat Belly diet… WHAOOOOOO!

A quick note for all my friends and family back home, I am so sorry about the references to all the hot sunny weather we are having, I am sending lots of warm happy, sunny, blue sky thoughts your way, hopefully they will help brighten up the summer!



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