Birthday Breakfast on the beach…

For the first time in Windle Birthday history we had breakfast on the beach… My alarm was due to go off at 6am on Jordan’s birthday, now some of you may think this is a little extreme, but believe me you cannot beat being on the beach first thing in the morning, there is just something magical about the sea, the sand and the sun at that time in the morning, plus you dont have to sit in traffic all the way there, believe me Jordan thought I was mad, that was for sure, but with a 1 hour 20 minute car ride, I wanted to be out of the house by 6.30am, we made it by 6.40 and by 8.30 we were sitting on the sand eating our breakfast and my children were swimming in the sea!

Apart from the green flies that kept stinging us when we first arrived, we had a fantastic morning… Everyone, except me spent the whole time swimming the waves, Florrie actually sat on the blanket on the sand this time… Jordan got a couple of beach presents to start the day off, a towel that also doubles as a chess set and a purple frisby, chosen by Mabel!

We left the beach at 1pm, just as it really started to get hot… 100f, and busy, we managed to miss all the traffic coming home too, a quick stop in Starbucks and the liquor store and we were home by 3pm ready for our Birthday alcoholic beverage… It has to be done! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jord!

My summer menu planning has been a tad haywire to say the least, but I have been trying to make sure we still eat very healthily, as it was raining and a little bit colder yesterday, I decided to make the most of the slightly cooler weather and make a healthy chicken taco casserole and healthy whole wheat cheesy bread in the style of Cinnabons… Well they were delicious even though I used low fat cheese! I got the idea from pinterest and it worked out perfectly, I made my usual pizza dough in the bread maker, then I divided it into two, rolled it out into a rectangle and lightly spread butter over it, I then sprinkled cheese, black pepper and oregano over and then rolled the whole thing up into a giant dough sausage, I cut it into 8 and placed it on a tray whilst I did the same with the other half of the dough… I lightly greased some cling wrap and covered the bread, set it to rise for 30 minutes then baked it for 25 minutes on 375f… Serve with chicken taco casserole and a glass of red wine… Delicious! Of course this idea would work with anything, I thought it would make the perfect beach picnic bread, no mess, all baked together… You could use anything before you roll, pesto, tomato, spinach, feta, olives… The list is endless, I’ll let you know what Cinnabon style bread rolls I make next!

Happy Weekend… The sun is shining and the weather is slightly cooler than it was so I’m loving it!



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