Summer is almost over

You can tell summer is almost over in our house, the craziness that we call summer recess… no schedules, no alarms, no meal plans and birthdays are almost over, because we all look exhausted from no routine in our lives… time to get back into the groove of life… so with that said I actually did a meal plan this week, I shopped with a proper list of needed ingredients and apart from swapping Monday and Tuesday’s meals around I’m on track to complete my first whole week of meals planned this Friday for the first time this summer… Yay for me!
This weeks meals

Sausage meatballs with tomato, basil sauce, spaghetti, raw peas

Crispy and sticky chicken with squashed new potatoes and tomatoes


Sweet cherry tomato and sausage bake with polenta

Summer tomato pasta and Italian meats

Chicken Caesar salad, baked potatoes

Potato and chorizo omelette with parsley salad

All recipes are from Jamie Oliver’s ‘At Home’ book, my favorite of all his books!

This weekend saw the beginning of fall soccer for us, it wasn’t part of the season but it signaled the start of soccer again for me. Mabel had a tournament about twenty minutes away, 2 games on each day, with this in mind I decided to adapt Jamie’s crispy and sticky chicken recipe for the slow cooker, it worked well and was delicious… I put the veggies and seasoning into the bottom of the pot then covered the veggies with the chicken allowing all the yummy chicken juices to cook into the veggies, served it with a Trader Joe’s cranberry, pecan salad and a glass of chilled red wine… Soooo good after a full weekend of exciting soccer… Well done Madison Marvels, Mabel’s new team, the A team, which she is very happy to be on, they lost one, tied one and won two games, Mabel scored the third goal in the last game… Way to go Mabes!