Menu planning at it’s best…

I am now very much into my 40’s, 7 children, 1 husband and 6 houses later I have learnt that for me, the only way I am truly content with life is when I am organized. Organization helps you budget your money as you can food shop economically with menu planning preparation, you know what you are eating for the week ahead, organization means you have much more time on your hands to do the fun things in life (a friend of mine who completely advocates an organized life and has written a very successful e-book on this very subject, Evelyn is just so right). So with all of this in mind my aim is to shape up and clear out every drawer, cupboard, nook and cranny in my house into an organized space, and I am very lucky because I have a daughter who loves doing just that, organizing my cupboards, she cannot wait to help me with this task!

My first task was to completely re-organize my kitchen cupboards, when we moved into the house I placed my kitchen equipment into cupboards without thinking about actually using the working space, as most of you know I love to cook, so three and a half years later this kitchen layout was just not working for me, so over several days, and I mean several days, as Florrie was putting things back into the cupboards as I was taking them out, I managed to reorganize my whole kitchen… It now works much better for me, if only I could get my children to remember my new system and not put the plates and bowls back into the old cupboards… I should not moan really, as they are emptying the dishwasher for me more regularly these days!

My next task was to reorganize the actual floor space and that is still a work in progress, the new study is starting to take shape and has become a popular room, not only for Paul to work in, but a homework room for Blu and Mabel, with the computer and printer set up in there! Today I am ready to recover my grandmothers ottoman in there and make a curtain for my meshed cabinet, pictures need to be put up, then finally the room needs a lamp and a couple more cushions on the sofa and it will be complete!

Finally, on this topic of organization I found this blogging site this morning on menu planning at its best, so I wanted to share this woman’s blog with you, she not only plans her dinners for the week, but she is super organized and plans breakfast, lunch and snacks… http://moneysavingmom.com/2012/05/this-weeks-menu-30.htmlThis is something I strive for completely, I think it will take a lot of skill to achieve this but it will be the ultimate in menu planning… Wish me luck, I will let you know how I get on!

Happy Organizing!



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