Black Friday… Love it or hate it?

In my head I’m a very organized person, or that’s how I would like to be anyway. In reality I am very unorganized… Thanksgiving has been and gone, so that means one thing, Christmas is just a few weeks away! I had ideas of all presents being bought, wrapped and sent back to England, leaving me just my own children to sort out! In reality I have the presents sitting on my dining room table awaiting paper and ribbon and then their final trip to the post office!

My house is exactly the same, I have thoughts of being the most organized person, but in reality it never happens… Well now I have a new plan, well a stolen one actually… Set myself daily tasks, nothing too big so I get swamped, set my timer and go to it… Lets see if it works and I get a clean tidy house along with more rest and relaxation time for myself!

Thanksgiving dinner worked well this year, once again I stole a great cooking idea form the domestic semi homemade goddess of food network, Sandra Lee… Yes you have guessed my idea, a semi homemade Thanksgiving dinner, it felt a little like cheating at first but it worked out well, Trader Joes stuffing mix, who needs to be cubing bread for stuffing when Trader Joes has done it for you, then added to it spicy Italian sausage meat, chopped onions and celery, at this point I thought pecans would have made a good addition, but you have to remember I have fussy eaters in my house! I bought Costco ready made mashed potatoes, which by the way are delicious and then added my own pot of creamy mustardy potatoes to it… The left overs went on for days! Black Friday dinner is becoming a tradition in our house… Thanksgiving dinner in a sandwich, meat, stuffing and gravy all warmed in a crusty roll… Yummmmm, a family favorite now!

I am not usually a Black Friday shopper, in fact I usually stay as far away from the shops as possible on this day of the year, but this year was totally different, Florrie has had a cold and been waking a lot in the night, so at 4am on Friday morning I found myself sitting in bed reading my iPad, next thing I know Paul had joined me, Florrie was back to sleep again… We looked at each other and said wouldn’t it be fun to go shopping right now, so we did! The trick was to keep Florrie asleep from the house to the car, so with my iPhone as a flash light, we did not want to wake up the whole household, we carried our sleeping baby into a freezing cold car fast asleep… Then we headed off to Best Buy and the mall for a fun early morning shopping trip, and of course a salted caramel mocha in Starbucks… It has to be done!

As much fun as Black Friday was and the savings we made this weekend were good, I will not be repeating it again! I was very disappointed with the deals in the mall, there was nothing special to ever make me get up that early again, Best Buy on the other hand had some great savings if you wanted electrical goods, we managed to get a $1500 Samsung 55″tv for $800 and we are in desperate need of a new refrigerator, we have been looking for weeks now as ours is not working properly, we decided to wait for the Black Friday deals and we are glad we did, although we did order it on Saturday, so technically not Black Friday, but the deals were on for three days and we saved $1300 on a $3000 fridge/freezer… Bargain!

Happy Holiday shopping…




No power…

What did we do before we had all this technology?

We are now on our second day with no power and it sucks, yes it sucks, we did not prepare enough bowls of water so flushing the toilets is scarse, I bought a ton of bleach for each toilet so at least it smells nice, but when you have to go, you have to go! Having a wash is difficult as there is absolutely no water coming out the taps, so no showers, no washes, no nothing… What will we all smell like tomorrow, or the next day or the next?

The one thing about having no power is no technology, we are not even getting signal on our cell phones, so I am guessing the AT&T tower is also down… Time goes by so much slower, no wonder our ancestors seemed to have a lot more time and get more done, technology definitely takes up a lot of time… We actually have to talk to each other now, believe me that can be good and then it can also be bad! The dog actually got a really long walk yesterday and I willingly cleaned the bathrooms which is never the case, I hate cleaning at the best of times!

I look out of the window right now and it looks like New Jersey is getting back to normal, there are lots more cars on the road right now, so although the schools are closed and New Jersey has been ripped apart by Sandy in her haste to cross our land, I am left in wonder at the resilience of us all, no power to clean ourselves, no power to warm our food, no power to watch the real devastation that happened just 2 nights ago, but we pick ourselves right back up and keep on going and going!