‘Tis the season…

In tales of houses far and wide, Christmas comes but once a year and with it comes the squeals of joy as families gather to put up their tree and decorate it with frivolous glee! Not in my house this year… I admit I am a total control freak when it comes to decorating our house for Christmas, but I do usually let my children decorate the tree how they want to, then on Monday morning whilst they are safely deposited at school I change it all around and hope that they don’t notice, but they always do! Anyway back to my point our house was not full of the joys of Christmas this year, there was no festive tunes playing on the radio, and the snow had inconsiderately melted away outside, instead our house rang with the sounds of Xbox games thumping away and sulky children, Blu was totally immersed in whatever battle he was fighting in his room to even notice we were getting ready to decorate the house, and Mabel was totally over excited and then sulky about our new refrigerator arriving, she then stayed in her room whilst I, on my lonesome, well I did have a little helper at the bottom of the tree, decorated our house for this season of good joy… Ha, ha!

Every year I try to get a few new decorations to add to my collection, this year I have the mantle above the fireplace to decorate… We finally took the tv down that was above it, I am totally delighted, and love, love, love my new christmas additions for our fireplace! My table once again follows a Cath Kidston theme, much to Mabel’s dislike as it is not your traditional theme, but now it is finished she has come around, and kind of secretly likes it I think! My biggest thing this year was decorating our staircase, this is something I have never quite gotten around to in past years, but with the help of Pinterest, I was totally inspired to visit my local dollar store and create something for less than $10… This I completed last night, my staircase took 4 $1 garlands, I tied on silver and gold bells, 4 $1 packets of 9 bells, with some green gingham ribbon I already had then added larger tartan ribbon bows, present wrapping ribbon from Costco… Voila a traditional green stair garland, all for just under $10! Next on my list is red and green bunting for my tree, a fantastic idea I got from a friend back in England!

My two new favorite items of this month are my two new cookbooks, bought over by my parents from the UK… Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals and James Martin’s slow cooking, as many of you know me, you will know I love, love, love cookbooks, strange for a former anorexic to love recipes so much, but now in my 40’s I am a true Taurean foodie, and now much wiser, I realize the only way to keep healthy, maintain/lose weight is to eat a well balanced diet with of course the odd vice here and there, Starbucks salted caramel mocha, decaf, non fat with the whip being my biggest vice these days, and of course wine is still an added staple of every day around 7pm to help me relax and unwind from the chaos that is every day in our house… Happy sunny warm December days, long may they last!



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