Embers glowing…

We love to have a roaring open fire, there is nothing quite like the smell of wood burning throughout your house and the warm golden glow radiating throughout your home making it feel cozy and warm, but tonight as we lit our fire and watched it burn the house began to fill with smoke, the fan inside the chimney was not working properly, but at this point we were not aware of this. After deliberating what to do Paul decided to try to put the fire out as the house was becoming more and more smokey. I took Florence Blu and Mabel upstairs into my warm bedroom as all the doors and windows were open downstairs, it was freezing and extremely smokey, next thing I know my Mum is panicked and telling us we have to leave the house, it looks like the actual fireplace and chimney are alight… I grabbed a blanket for Florrie, Mabel unknown to me grabs her iPhone and iPad but no shoes or socks and runs out into the snow, thankfully we get into our car and move onto the other side of the road while Paul dials 911.

I have only praise for the Sparta Emergency Services, they were here in minutes, I think 3 fire trucks, 5 police cars the chief of the fire department and within seconds the road was blocked off and they were in our house. It turns out that whoever put our fire place in did not put it in to be used, it would have been nice to have been told that though, wires sitting just above the fire insert, no concrete above to hold the tv correctly and a very outdated fan system, one that the firemen had never seen before… We had a house inspection but nothing was ever said, you think that you have an open fireplace and chimney stack to be used, but obviously not in our house, just another bodge job to add to the many we have discovered living in this house over the last 4 years!

I am just thankful firstly to my Dad and Paul for spotting the smoke and fire in the first place, to Paul for remaining calm unlike his panic stricken wife, the Sparta Emergency services for responding so quickly and being so thorough, but most of all I am so thankful for the time of day it happened, had it been later and we had gone to bed without noticing, letting the embers glow, who knows it could have been far worse!

Thankfully we are all safe, my poor fireplace will never look the same again… But we will just add it to the list of many jobs we need to do in our house and be grateful we are at home cozy and warm right now!



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