Happy New Year…

Happy New Year… I was not going to make any resolutions this year, but what is January without things to work towards and build upon, so mine are as follows, by the way they are in no particular order…
1) family – my aim is to have more quality family time together, days out, projects in the house, and movie afternoon… I just love these!
2) fitness – I really do need to get fit, so I think my first aim is to walk more, then maybe get the wii fit out again before I start anything too ambitious like joining a gym!
3) organization – I really want to be a much more organized tidy person in 2013, so I really need to continue what I started last year and stick to my schedules for housework and tidying.
4) crafts – I have already started my resolution to be more crafty and learn new skills, a resolution from last year I want to continue… I am knitting myself a new scarf, with the snow on the ground and the winds chilling around us I thought it was a perfect project to start off this new year… Wish me luck 30cm done already, just another 120cm to go!


Finally number 5 is to have more fun, not to take life so seriously and laugh a lot more, so that means I need to be more positive as a person!

Dinner tonight was a white chili with white kidney beans and fluffy brown rice, I also managed to make a desert of croissant and chocolate bread pudding … Delicious all served with a glass of red wine… Happy 2013 to everyone!



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