Funky mojo…

It may be because it is 2013… 13 being the part I am focussing on right now, but the universe seems to be against us right now, or there is some funky mojo going on… Last night on one of my son’s way home from work a deer charged into our car and has left it with a lot of damage, $2300+, the deer even left some of its skin on the bumper just to remember it by. The whole head light is smashed and damaged and the front fender is buckled and cracked in several places, thankfully my son is fine but he was very shaken when he got home!

I am trying to remain positive as really once again the situation could have been far worse, but really how many more bad things are going to come our way, we are only a couple of days into January… I guess the only way is up!

On a more positive note though, I had a fun shopping trip to Shorthills Mall, I had several Anthropologie gift cards to use up, presents from Christmas… so with the lure of an extra 30% off sale items I spent way too much money, well over my budget… It was so much fun though, all followed by a yummy lunch in the Cheesecake Factory, one day I will actually eat the cheesecake in there as it looks sooooo good, but every time I am so full after eating the delicious entree’s!


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