Happy hour at home…


Is it ever to early to have a glass of wine? It must be 5 o’clock somewhere in the world right? Sunday afternoon lazing around at home, dinner is cooked for later, lemon curd frosted vanilla cupcakes are prepared and baking, Florrie is napping on the sofa next to me and Blu and Mabel are quietly doing their own thing… Wine time, Happy Hour begins!

Dinner tonight is a green chili stew with warm flour tortillas…
My pork has been diced and lightly salted then browned before setting aside, I then sautéed one large onion, diced with 4 cloves of garlic for approximately 10 minutes, I then added the pork back to the pan and one jar of roasted mixed peppers from trader joes, toss lightly then add 2 cubed potatoes, 1 tablespoon of dried chili flakes and 4 cups of trader joes vegetable stock… Now comes my greens, shredded Brussels, just because I needed to use them up… Cook for approx 40 minutes on low simmer with a lid on… Now is the part I have never tried before, I am adding 1 can of drained hominy, I googled this and it is a dried then soaked maize, interesting, then I will re-warm it through along with the tortillas, I have some jalapeño and lime tortillas from trader joes to serve with mine!

Next on the menu for tonight is lemon curd frosted vanilla cupcakes… The cupcakes rose well, I just need to make my frosting with lemon curd that’s been hanging around a short while and needs using up. Mabel has sampled a warm cupcake and says they are delicious, so here’s the recipe…vanilla cupcakes, I made 21 cupcakes and baked them for 25 minutes, now for the frosting recipe… lemon curd frosting

Now for that glass of wine and lots of yummy food on this exceptionally mild Sunday in January!



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