All things Florrie…

Florrie was 20 months on January 18th… All I have to say is wow where did that time go to? She had a check up yesterday at her pediatricians office, she weighed just over 21 lbs with her diaper on and is right on track developmentally for her age… Yay Florrie! She really is developing into such a cute little person, her vocabulary is improving by the day with words like and/hand, no/snow and tees/trees, she understands everything you say to her and will complete all tasks she is asked to do happily! She is very bossy just like her older sister, but in her defense she does have a house of doting siblings running around after her, so she constantly has attention from all angles as she is the apple of everyone’s eye in our house!

Food is a big issue, she is not the best eater, but her doctor did not seem concerned… She will eat anything off of mine or Paul’s plate, the spicier the better but she will just not eat out of her own bowl, her doctor thought this was very cute, but my thoughts are not so cute when you are trying to eat your dinner! I am still breastfeeding her, which she absolutely loves, now I realize this may be an issue for some people but I personally am a firm believer she will wean when she is ready, I did this with both Blu and Mabel and they both stopped at different times, Blu was 15 months and Mabel was nearer 3, both were very discrete and only nursed for comfort… No 7 year olds lifting up my top in public, believe me this would horrify me too, just discrete time cuddling with Mommy!

On a quick side note, the weather was positively spring like in Florham Park yesterday for about an hour, we saw the sun and the temperature was 54 f… It made me very happy, but then later we were issued with flash flood warnings as the rain pelted down into the night, one good thing though it cleared all the snow and now we have grass again… I guess it’s true what they say about New Jersey, if you don’t like the weather, just stick around its sure to change pretty soon!



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