Snowy Super Bowl Sunday morning…

The Super Bowl is once again upon us, has it really been a whole year since the last one? Last year each of us bought a yummy dish of food for our television watching fest, this year everyone is out except my youngest three children so more wings for us to munch on… I am not a football fan, in fact I do not understand the rules of the game, but I do enjoy game day food!

The menu for our feast is buffalo hot wings with blue cheese dip, chili with cheesy hot dogs, nachos, queso and sweet and spicy popcorn… I have cheated and bought most of the menu, but I am planning to make the chili and cook the hotdogs in it so they are nice and spicy!

The rest of this cold snowy Sunday is going to be spent keeping warm, a morning trip to the Bagel Bistro for brunch is planned and Mabel is desperate to get to the 70% off sale in Abercrombie and Hollister but I just fancy a lazy day at home, so we will see what happens… My thoughts are that she might just persuade me!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday… What ever feast you have planned… Enjoy, the diet can always start tomorrow!


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