Hope Springs…

On Thursday I had hope that the snow was melting away and spring was just around the corner, yesterday spring was definitely in the air with temperatures reaching a beautiful sunny 55 f, but this morning all my hopes have faded… Grass has once again been replaced by a thick white blanket of freshly laid snow!

Etsy is still in the making… I had a slight setback as the two items I had made to sell, I decided to send back with my Mum as presents for a friends children, it’s back to the drawing board, so to speak… I have an outline of what I want to sell, what age group I am looking at and what look I want for my online shop… Now to put my plan into action, very difficult with a very active 21 month old girl called Florence!

This past week has been a mixture of fun and tears, on Monday we started the week with Storytime at the library, a new adventure for Florrie, but one she absolutely loved, Tuesday was an exciting day for Mabel as I finally went to Ikea to get her long awaited furniture, unlike Mabel but she has waited for a year to get it, and it’s still in boxes on her bedroom floor, so she is still patiently waiting as she has only ever seen it in photos not the real thing! Wednesday was my parents last full day here, so we ran around making sure they had everything they wanted to take back, then sorted through all the presents to send back to everyone and then packed them carefully away! Tears were definitely flowing on Thursday, Valentines Day,after a fun last day here of Starbucks with Dom and Jord and then delicious sushi at Asian Island it was time to leave for the airport, this for me is the absolute worst part of living over here… The leaving. It doesn’t matter how long you live here or how long your guests stay for, the airport is always something I dread and it always brings lots of tears, and this time was absolutely no different, this time I was there on my own so after my parents had gone through into passport control, the tears just fell and then fell right into my quiet car journey home until I finally spiced things up by turning on the radio!

Now yesterday life was back to normal, Florrie and I in the car traveling back to the library for bookmark a story and some fun, later we headed to Target and Trader Joes for some much needed grocery shopping, then onto the pediatricians office. Florrie has not been well for over a week, she had a fever one day and then it disappeared, I could not put my finger on what was wrong but she did not seem right at all, so before we went to Ikea on Tuesday I made a doctors appointment and he said she had bronchitis, my poor baby girl, yesterday after starting her antibiotics we headed back to the doctors to see if she had improved, and yes she is much better, how I wish we had Florence’s powers of recovery, two spoonfuls of medicine and she was like another child all smiles and giggles!

A quick shout out to my niece… She is 9 today… Happy Birthday Rose!